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I am a bit embarrassed to say this but for the past month I have not done much, I think I have gone through that phase (as I think most people do) and that is within the first few weeks of signing up, gone half-way through the training and then lost motivation. I have also had another issue with my car, thankfully which is now fixed after spending £££ - this was my main "headache" as it was my tool to get to and from work. Thankfully my dad helped me out with the loan of his
On reflection this weekend has been bit of a "write off" (as they say it). Last week was going so well, each night I managed to work on my website about an hour each night and help out in the community. My normal work day on Friday brought so many queries and just general crap that I came home feeling disheartened, lost and questioning my ability in my profession. More so my blood pressure was sky-rocketing and just tired. My brain wanted me to turn my laptop on and work but my eyes kept closin
April 14, 2018
I have been slowly going through the training (on course 2 level 5), have only been on WA for 7 days and thought I was making good progress. Then a very crap day on Friday, it has seemed to have snowballed into my weekend. Normally I spend an hour each weekday after work, but my office job impacted me so bad mentally that I could not just think nor have the energy to do anything. This led me to getting more frustrated with myself and question my ability to do anything. I keep thinking I want to
April 12, 2018
Going through the various posts on here, we have people from all around the world. I am from the UK and it so refreshing that there is people around the world all on one site in one community. I wish every member the success in achieving their goals. So not much of a blog today but more of a question - Where is everybody from?
April 11, 2018
Which one are you?These 2 images have made me take a step back and think. Up until now I have had the mindset of the image on the left. Why do you ask? I have been under the impression that only I can pave my own way and what I put in is what I will get out. Now to some extent this is true and I still do believe this but my approach has shifted over the past month or so. I have had a chance to have a long hard think what I want to do and deep down I come back to having goals but the way forwar
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April 10, 2018
I have only been on WA for just under a week, I am steadily going through the training (my website is formed and formulating the content), navigating and exploring around the WA site to see what the various sections are and the most importantly for me is welcoming and helping new members. I know at this moment as a "newbie" I may not have much advice to give but I like to think I can help or give supporting advice to new members will help me achieve my goals.Whilst sitting at work during my lun
April 06, 2018
Just became premium member after being signed up for 1 day as a starter. What swayed it for me, as I was going though the the first course, I felt confident in the content available and support from the community that is why in my head have decided I am "going all in and for it" to make it a success.