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Last Update: May 21, 2022

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So I'm doing my 3rd Sunrise hike this morning. (If you've never done one then I highly recommend you do!!). It's made me think a lot about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate.

When you start, it's dark, you have a tiny light to help you see you way. There are others going, mostly strangers, maybe a face you know. And you have the gear you need to make the journey. You walk the path provided, ascending up the mountain at a manageable pace. You can hear the streams, the waterfalls, even some wildlife, but you can't see any of it. You aren't sure what lies ahead, but you're excited to find out so you keep pushing forward!!

You take breaks when you need them and navigate around obstacles, learning as you go.

You reach the top of this mountain, exhausted but feeling accomplished even though you haven't seen the benefits yet. Surrounded by many others that you'll one day climb too. But today, this one is your achievement. You wait patiently for the sunrise. When you finally see it, it's even more amazing than you imagined. All your hard work is paying off. Then things start to get easier (like when you descend down the mountain). Because there is now sunlight, you finally get to see a glimpse of occasional wildlife, you finally get to view all the beautiful waterfalls and streams you heard coming up. You have made new friends that enjoy something you do too!

You have a new perspective. Sometimes that's what we all need!!

Wealthy Affiliate is the same. We are very uncertain and feel like we only have a tiny flashlight showing us the way.

Then we make friends, complete training, learn from experiences, start helping others, build something we never thought possible, we start getting excited when we see progress, that first peak is your first goal, and the other peaks are your next ones!!

Get indexed! Build traffic! See that money being earned for all your efforts!

I hope this brings motivation to someone. Don't stop until you reach the top!! Then keep going until you reach the next!!!

**This pic is from my very first sunrise hike. The sun hasn't quite risen yet, but I'm waiting on it.

The sun will rise for every person here who keeps working for it!!! 😁😁😁

Recent Comments


Great comparison with our online business.
Thanks for the motivation.

Thank you for reading :)

Well worth the journey, which can be as exciting as the destination.

Absolutely! Worth every step! ( and every tree root I stumbled on, mud puddle I had to splash through, spider web I wore, and every bug I nearly ingested!)🤣🤣🤣
Thank you Stephen!!

Don’t eat me, lol.

Wow, Nikki! Excellent image, exercise, and finally an astoundingly good analogy to what we so here in WA!

Have an excellent day!🌞


Thank you!! You do the same!

You're welcome, and I will!


Fantastic post Nikki!

An early morning hike up a nearby mountain is always a great way to start the day!

As you say, it is very similar to starting out in the online business world... everything is dark to begin with and it's difficult to tell which direction we are heading in...

But along the journey, helping hands become more and more common, they are there at every corner to guide us through the darkness..

Then, as the sun rises we realize that we have reached the top! What an amazing feeling!

With the help of those around us, there is nothing that can't be accomplished!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend! :-)

It was amazing!! Can't wait to do it again! You have a wonderful weekend as well!!

I bet it was! And I wish you all the best for your next hike my friend!

Thank you!! I wish such an experience for everyone here! Truly wonderful!


This is a great analogy. As well, you posted a really beautiful picture.

The pictures result don't do the real thing Justice!! Thank you very much!!

You are welcome.

Thank you!!

You are welcome.

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