1 month to social media

Last Update: February 01, 2016

Almost a month ago I started to use Social media to active promote my website for WA.

So far I got:

1) 200 likes on Facebook with 56 click on the website and 20 private messages and around ten shares from other people.

2) 450 - followers on Twitter - with some shares and likes.

3) Google+ - 20 followers

4) Reddit is great for promoting your business as well, and I have some traffic from them. The main point is to choose right category.

5) Now I started to work on Pinterest - will update next month how it goes.

And I had few referrals but only profile set and no premium as yet.

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JonStevens Premium
Awesome job!
Sheila50 Premium
Great job Niki,
I too am working on Pinterest and it is going a bit slow for me! Hopefully you will give us some great pointers in the near future.
Mark1957 Premium
Well done Niki and good luck with your continuing efforts. Keep us informed with your progress won't you!
paulgoodwin Premium
Great that is so good, and yes the social is quite social!!!
WilliamBoyle Premium
Nice work! :)