New week, new challenges

Last Update: February 16, 2018

Last week I was working hard on planning how I would successfully complete Month 1 of the Super Affiliate program. I learn tricks from reading several blogs and comments on my post. Thank you for the many suggestions.

The suggestion I retained the most was to do small steps every day and complete the scheduled tasks. I have been doing this and I am slowly getting there. I wrote all the different tasks in my agenda for every day until March 4. I completed most of the tasks and I must confess that I am late 1 post. I did give myself a buffer of a couple of days, so I am sure I will complete everything on time for Month 2.

Here are my accomplishments this past week:

  • Scheduled every task in my agenda
  • Published 4 posts on my website
  • Modified my WA Review post to make it 1500 words - still missing 400 words to comply
  • Helped 5 people every day
  • Chatted at least 15 minutes every day - some people stay up really late, kudo to you.

I learn that a plan really helps getting the tasks done when it is composed of small attainable steps.

When I started the week, my WA rank was over 3000, it shrank to 1192. I love this program.

Keep up the good work. Help each others, have fun and become a Super Affiliate.

Next week I will tell you the new things I learned. Cheers WA Community.


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RobertLeier2 Premium
good luck with your new challenges
AllanSiegel Premium
You are a trooper - keep persevering in all that you have set out to do. You will reach your goals and fulfill your dreams!
Nadja3 Premium
Good luck with your tasks.
a1jonuk Premium
Great progress on WA ranking.
ryanoak Premium
Looks like a great plan! :)