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Last Update: Jan 27, 2023

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Do you remember how you were as a young child growing up?

Were you stubborn?

Or did you throw a tantrum whenever you didn't get your way?

Maybe you were the one that easily gave up when things become too hard for you.

I was always the stubborn one.

I can remember being a young nursing student working in a mental health hospital, we were all given the task of learning how to crotchet.

Out of a class of 53, I was the only one that struggled, but as with everything for me, when something becomes difficult I always rise to the challenge, and quitting will never be an option.

Today I am facing several challenges all around me. Home, work and university.

But the one challenge that is testing every bit of me is latest challenge one.

I've injured my back during one of my exercise routine and I've slipped a disc in the process. Now I have to be doing physical therapy to correct to help me in my recovery.

Even though it is challenging to walk, I have to still take out the positive from this and be thankful that I can still walk , bearing in mind that my youngest brother is unable to do so.

I am of the strong belief that when everything seems to fall around you, you need to be grounded and stand firm in your belief.

Hold your visualisation in your sights and remind yourself of the positive outcome that you envisaged when you started this journey.

Amidst my many challenges, I've started my second term of university last week and this week I've finally managed to complete my signature program for prospective clients and also for Valentine's day ahead .

I'm so excited to be will be launching my marketing and promotion.

I know that many of you are struggling now with starting a new business and unsure of where this will lead and whether it will be profitable.

And I do agree that life itself is tough but walking away and quitting is just a cop out.

Stand up, face your fears and put your all into what you believe in!

Trust me when I say that it will be worth it in the end

I will leave you with this statement :

Failure is just a stepping stone on the journey to success.

Tell me what challenges have you overcome this week

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Recent Comments


I experienced slipped disc in my lower spine so I can relate to that. Sounds like you are doing the right things to take care of yourself. We all have challenges to deal with. My challenges is with my chronic fatigue related to MS and the spams. Some days I have to force myself to rest otherwise I would not perform well. Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts with us. This is helpful for me to know we are not alone out there when we face different challenges in our lives.

It is lovely to connect with you, Brenda
Glad to know that I'm on the right track regarding my route to recovery

You're spot on in saying that it is so important for us all to know that we are not alone on our journey.

Glad you resonated with my blog
Thank you for stopping by

Good morning Simone,

It's good to hear from you again, I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment.

I'm really sorry that you have an added challenge on top of your challenges! Back pain and slipped discs are not clever! But at the same time, I'm pleased that you're looking at everything in a very positive way you are determined to keep moving forward! That's fantastic!

Well done for doing what you're doing, it's a seriously good challenge! And yes, as you mentioned, life can be tough and quitting is just a copout, very true words indeed! As we have said before, giving up isn't an option!

In answer to your question, I started a new YouTube channel couple of weeks ago, it's something that I've been thinking about for some time. I already have quite a bit on my plate, but I felt compelled to start the new channel. The channel is kind of a current affairs and evangelistic Christian-type channel, telling listeners that there is a better way!

Over Christmas, I was able to spend a lot of time reading and in the word, which I had deliberately planned. This also included some fasting. Which then led me to a 21-day fast, not a total fast, just one meal in the evening every day. This kind of put me in the perfect position to start my YouTube channel!

I was struggling when I first started with the channel, but now things are flowing! It was almost like I had millions of ideas and yet I had writer's block on YouTube, if there is such a thing!

I do hope that your back improves quicker than you could ever imagine!

Have a great weekend.


Roy, it's really great to hear from you
Thank you for your kind words

Starting a YouTube channel? That's fantastic and I really love the way you went about fasting and getting divine intervention prior to starting.

This is a positive thing to do especially with all the negativity in the world at the moment where most people are unable to find a way through things or even see their way forward

I do wish you well on this journey

Thank you for your kind words, too, Simone; it's appreciated. It's good to hear from you, as I know you have lots on your plate! But it is good that you are still able to blog a bit and comment etc., on Wealthy Affiliate.

How is your back today? I really hope you see an improvement quickly. Having had a few back issues, I kind of know what it's like.

Regarding the YouTube channel, I want to bring light into dark places! I also want to bring some truths that the mainstream media does not always bring. However, I will have to be careful on YouTube as if it doesn't suit the narrative, they can block you. So far, I have been posting a video every day.

All the best.


Daily postings,Roy will be very beneficial to you
That's a lot of time. Can you continue?
Your vision is amazing.

At the moment, I'm doing my physical therapy exercises daily and so the pain is less
But what I do want is to relieve all pressure off my spinal cord nerve so that I will be able to walk properly and not unsteady as I am now doing.

Don't forget that we do have an outstanding zoom meeting lol

Thank you for your reply, Simone, it's appreciated.

Regarding your back, Simone, I just want to try and encourage you. I have had times when I feel like my back will never be normal again, as I have been able to stand upright and have to kneel down to go to the fridge. However, it is amazing how exercises, physiotherapy etc., can quickly turn the situation around! Don't forget to call on the name above all names!

I'm not trying to undermine what you're going through; I just want to encourage you!

Do you know, I was just replying to, Jeff in a comment and mentioning about video. I find it easier and quicker to make videos than to write a blog post, although sometimes I do both. I'm also trying to batch record, in other words, make several videos and schedule them. I think Roope from Wealthy Affiliate would also agree with that!

I must admit, my work is a bit quieter this time of year, so I do have more time. I'm believing that I can do it!

I think I did leave your comment somewhere about the Zoom meeting, I haven't forgotten! Maybe it could be on your next break or Easter break, possibly.


Roy, in all things and whatever I do it plan, God has to be in the midst of it
It is pointless if he is not there :)

Thank you for your encouraging words. I do appreciate you.

Batching videos and blog is the way to go. I'm glad you're taking a proactive approach.

Let's nail down a date for our zoom meeting so that we can both work towards it

That's fantastic to hear, Simone, great stuff!👍👍

I think the batching of videos is quite a timesaver, like everything, we just need to focus.

Maybe you could private message me some possible dates for a Zoom meeting. I may have to come back to you in a couple of week's time as I have several dates up in the air for various things at the moment.


No worries, Roy
I will check my diary for dates as I have 2 exams this term
Look out for my message and please have a lovely remainder of your day

Thank you, Simone.

I hope your exams go well; I believe you will be fine.

I will keep an eye out for your message.

You have a great day too.


Thank you, Roy
Stay blessed

Good morning Simone,

Thank you so much.

A very happy Sunday to you.

And the same to you!

Good morning, Roy
Have a blessed Sunday

Thank you, Simone!

It looks like you're up bright and early as usual! I must admit I was up a little later this morning, around 6:30 AM. I guess it is Sunday morning, I still look forward to jumping out of bed, though!

Enjoy your day.

I'm always up bright and early, Roy
It's my weekend off and I have lots to do today ;)

Yes, I know you are, Simone! That's why you will be successful, the best time for productivity is in the morning!

I'm glad that you are making the most of your weekend and your time! Fantastic stuff!

I do hope you achieve what you want to achieve.

All the best.


Me too, Roy!
Definitely working towards it

Hi RoyBretton,
All will be well for your chanel YouTube in the name of Jesus.

Good morning Simone,

I believe so; you're definitely working hard and up very early this morning!

Have a great and productive day.


Thank you, Marie, for your kind words, I believe so!

It looks like you have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, which is fantastic. I trust that you're getting on well and moving forward. It really is a brilliant and genuine platform that teaches you how to create an online business in the right way. I and many others are here to help you move forward. Don't forget if you get stuck, you can also ask the community question.

Wishing you a great day and every success.


Good morning Roy
Wishing you a blessed start of your week




Thank you so much, Simone; I appreciate it!

When I see someone who gets up early, it encourages me and normally proves that someone wants to move forward. Just my theory, but I would like to think I am right, in the best possible way! I just think we can be ahead of our game by starting early.

If I were working full-time online, I would like to be up early and finish around 1 PM. In that way, we potentially have the whole afternoon free and the evening.

All the best.


Thank you Roy for your observations
I have a lot juggling at the moment, as you do
And I just want to do each and every one justice
I need to put in the work

There are so many things that I don't know in each field and I have to spend time learning then to be able to be productive as I go along.

It's just me and this part of me to always give the best part of me has never grown old
That's the only way I know

Well done to all your hard work, Simone, it's refreshing to hear!

Yes, I understand, if we have lots of things to do the only way to do it is to get up early and focus! It looks like you are doing exactly that!

Learning can take time, as we know, but it looks like you are giving it your all, which is fantastic.

You have some very good principles, Simone, it's great you want to keep moving forward.

Incidentally, the reason I can reply to your messages quickly is that I normally reply to my Wealthy Affiliate messages first thing in the morning! Every time I reply to a message on Wealthy Affiliate, I go back to my email and if I see your message, I reply! When the replies suddenly stop, that's because I think I have replied to all my Wealthy Affiliate messages! I hope that makes sense, it sounds a bit complicated when I read it through!😂


It doesn't sound complicated, Roy
I totally get what you are saying ;)

That's good; it's all good fun!

I was listening to an evangelist/preacher, someone I often listen to, he is fairly direct, but he speaks the truth! He was talking about how important it is to have fun in life and to be able to enjoy things. Sometimes we can get a bit too serious, but it's good to have fun!

All the best.


As long as the fun is positive, Roy
I'm all good for it
We grew up on having fun as siblings and as a whole family unit
While others were doing other things we always play games such as board games and dominoes with each other.
It kept us grounded and made us see that we didn't have to be smoking or drinking to be happy and having fun

I agree, Simone!

That's great that you grew up as a proper family unit, it appears to be quite a rare thing now! I must admit that I had the same type of upbringing, we weren't allowed to go with the crowd. Sunday was church and no television allowed, not bad principle!

Your last sentence is so true! The pastor that I mentioned in the previous comment mentioned that sometimes he goes to places where they are at the bar. He doesn't drink, by choice! In one of his chitchat messages on YouTube, he actually said, "how many people do you know that when they start drinking, their life improved and their business grew dramatically"! That is such a true and real question! The truth is that alcohol etc., will only slow you down!

End of speech!


I love that speech!
There are so many other positive ways to be Roy
I am never a fan of the crowd!
It is always better to stand out from the crowd
And that's my visualization

Thank you, Simone!

That is so true, there are so many other positive things we can do indeed!

I agree, even when I was a young lad at school, I had good friends, but I didn't go with the crowd. I probably went more with the crowd when I was in my 20s, not clever!

Wise words, Simone, yes, indeed, it's always better to stand out from the crowd and as Christians, we should be doing this! We go by what the word says, not by what the crowd says!

I think I have finished my Wealthy Affiliate messages now!

Enjoy your Monday.


Thank you Roy, as ever for a stimulating conversation
Have a great Monday

Thank you Roy, I really appreciate it.

It's a pleasure!


Awesome :)

Best wishes with your back. I know first-hand how painful that can be. I'm feeling better now though thanks to our local pain clinic. I had a bad accident and was laid up for 17 years - you won't be though so don't worry! I'm just getting back into the swing of life again. Yeah!

17 years? Ohy my goodness!
Were you walking? Or just in bed rest?

I walked very little, mostly sitting in my La-Z-Boy!

I'm so sorry to hear
Are you walking a bit more now?

Yes, Thank God (and the Pain Clinic)!! It's just hard because my muscles have gotten so weak through it all that I have no stamina, will have to build up slowly. But I'm feeling so much better!

I'm so happy for you
And I know that you will continue to grow stronger every day

That's so nice. Thank you! Where do you live, it's1:52 AM here.

I'm in the UK and it is 7:54 am

Well, Goodnight to you. It's been a real pleasure talking with you. Thanks again - I'll say some prayers for you.

The feeling is mutual, Linda ;)
Thank you for your prayers
Have a restful night

I will. Have a happy day!

Awesome ;)

Hi Simone. We do have to buck up and face our fears and challenges. You are absolutely right about that.

Right now mine is doing the training. Many times I get started and my parents need me to do something. Then when I am done I am usually tired, brain-fried, or out of the mood. oh well. I will push on. :)

Sorry about your back. Hope you get well soon.

Blessed Be

I do understand how you feel
And yes, life sometimes get in the way

As long as you are moving, that's all there is
You will achieve your goals

Thank you for your kind words
Lovely you stopping by
Have a great weekend ahead

You too, Simone. Get well soon. Blessed Be.

Awesome :)

:) Goodnight. :)

Good morning :)

Great to hear from you again Simone!

We can always overcome whatever life throws at us...

Sorry to hear about your back problem, but funnily enough (or not so funny) I have been doing PT for a very similar issue for the last three months now...

It's not easy to begin with, like anything in life, but I am certainly seeing some progress from the work put in!

My back is not out of the woods yet though, I will return to see the specialist again on Monday and hopefully he will see the progress I have made (or at least I think I have) so that the surgery which was talked about before will not be necessary!

I will never give up, but better minds know more than I!!

I do hope that your own PT works well for you dear friend and catch up again soon ok!


Wow Nick!
Small world!
Did it affect your walking as well?
Glad your therapy is working out for you

Small world indeed Simone!

Walking has never been an issue unless I walk for maybe 5 or 6 miles in one go, then the pain starts to creep in!

My primary problem is when sitting down, or even worse standing up... it feels at times like someone is sticking a sharp knife into the back of my right thigh!

But, the pain has lessened considerably in the last couple of weeks... so fingers crossed my friend!

Enjoy your weekend!!


Thank goodness your symptoms didn't reach that stage
Glad you are recovering nicely
Have a great weekend yourself

Much appreciated my friend, you too!!


Awesome :)



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