7 Months. 200 Posts. 2,000 Comments!

Last Update: May 24, 2018

Today, marks a big milestone for my SWAG Bootcamp Blog.

Within 7 months and exactly 19 days, I've published 200 posts and got over 2,000 comments. Hell Yeah!!

The site contains a mixture of brand new posts and content re-written from my old site.

The same applies to comments - there are many new ones and some old edited to reflect the updated reviews.

(I put that much time and effort into SiteComments over the months, that I've earned position 2 as one of the top commenters) lol.

Plus images had to be re-added and everything spell checked, both here at WA and using Grammarly.

So, yeah, a GIANT task!

You may think the blog is getting a TON of daily traffic but it's far from it, unfortunately.

It's only at the 30 - 40 visitor/day mark.

When I first started Bootcamp in 2013, it was easy to get 50 - 100 visitors/day within the first 3 months. (But don't ask about my 3 failed Bootcamp sites in the past. It's a sore subject) LOL.

Fast forward to today, and it's now double (almost triple) that time to get any decent traction in Google within the 'MMO' niche.

So competition is definitely getting tougher, but success is still doable - given enough hard work and time.

It's also exciting to think about my results over the next few months and when the site finally reaches that 100% trust milsetone.

If you wanna see how my site has evolved in terms of content/engagement and traffic over the last 6 months:

==> Check out the 3-month mark here

==> See the 6-month progress here

Also, another teeny-weeny celebration: 297 sales for Vegas still to go this year. WOOP WOOP!

But it's not quite time for Champagne bottle cork-popping just yet! :P

I hope this post gives WA Bootcampers (and everyone else) some insights and a little inspiration.

And if you are aiming for Vegas in 2019, I look forward to meeting some of you boyz n' girlz there.

Peace Out, You Lovely Peeps!

Neil :)

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BlSt Premium
Excellent post. I got all the inspiration I need thanks to this post. Congratulations on your perseverance and hard work.
neilrc Premium
Thanks, Stunning Bell!

Cool, happy to hear it!
HeidiY Premium
That is a mighty effort Neil, well done on your dedication and hard work, can’t wait to read about your ongoing success
neilrc Premium
Thanking You muchly, Heidi!

Same too lol.

I also wish you well on your own journey.
JeffL61 Premium
Congrats to your success, Neil! May you have MANY more people joining WA under you as premium level sales!

neilrc Premium
Cheers, Jeff! I appreciate that :)

Thanks for all the lengthy comments you've left on my site in the past because it really helps make a difference.

How's your site coming along? Any closer to Vegas?

Heyday Premium
Great blog Neil, keep up the efforts, you must be getting close to seeing the real rewards now
neilrc Premium
Cheers, Heyday!

I hope so lol. But that's the thing when you're building a blog - you don't know when that first big spike in traffic is gonna happen.

We just need to keep plodding along until it happens.
GiOli Premium
Awesome accomplishment, Neil!
Your words give me a boost to keep going.

I can't wait to read all the articles on your site! There is so much information there! I love it!

neilrc Premium
Thank You, Giselle! :-)

I'm more than happy to help. And don't worry, you don't need to pay because my guidance is "FREE" HA HA!

Thanks for taking a peek, although there's still editing to do on some posts and other areas of the site.

Once you've reached a certain number of posts, you kinda forget which products you've reviewed and topics discussed lol.