This Time of Year Is Crazy, But It Does Take A Lot of Ground Work To Get Things Ready

Last Update: December 13, 2020

This time of year is crazy, but it does take a lot of ground work to get things ready. In fact, it takes all year to get ready for the crazy holiday shopping season.

I run a couple of blogs, and one of these blogs does really good with ad revenue around the holiday season.

Last year around this time I hit my all time high of $353 for a single day in ad revenue. That's the kind of money you can make money without selling anything. That's the kind of money you can make doing simple lists based on keyword research.

Side note: I use a service called Mediavine which is a really good ad network to get hooked up with once you hit 50,000 sessions per month with your site. That seems like a lot right now, but it's only about 1700 visits per day to your blog, which is very doable within a year or two depending on the pace and quality of your content creation.

This year things are already looking better. My previous high of $353 was on December 2, 2019. This year, as of November 22, my ATH is was $422 for a single day.

As of Monday, Nov 29, that ATH has now hit $637 for one day and the site will earn over $10,000 for a month with just ads alone.

For context, this blog gets around 12,000 visits per day, and is about 5 years old. I'm super excited to see what December 2020 will bring.

If you want to learn more about how I generated unlimited content ideas for my blogs and earn ad revenue like this, you can watch these classes where I reveal all my tactics, and I've got some upcoming classes in 2021 about the templates I use for my blogs as well.

Holiday Season 2021 Is Already On My Mind

Wealthy Affiliate is all about being "real", so let's be real. There's a ton of new members now that Black Friday is behind us, so this will be your first dose of the realness of Wealthy Affiliate: If you just started your website this month, it's not enough time to take full advantage of the holiday season 2020. Building a business just doesn't happen that fast.

Holiday Season 2021 is a full year away though. That's a whole 12 months you have to get rolling on and put in some real work on your business in the meantime. The 12 months ahead of you is PLENTY OF TIME to make it happen.

Building a solid, reliable source of online income is something that takes time to build, but you are in the best place to do it. Wealthy Affiliate has the tools, the resources, and the support network you need to get it done right.

Especially with Premium Plus now on the table, you have tons of new ideas and paths to explore with Expert Classes. Plus, the good news is that things will just continue to get better the longer you stick around. I'm talking years. I'm talking decades. That's where the real money is at.

Remember, when I got started, we didn't even have live chat for help!

Percentage Increases Are Amazing To Consider

The reason I really hounding on this idea of building a decade-long business instead of just making a website to flip as soon as it's profitable is the concept of percentages and how it works to your advantage over time.

For example, let's say you have a new website and it earns $1,000 in the first year. Then in the second year let's say you earn $6,000. That's a whopping increase of 500%. Amazing. The growth trajectory is awesome, and you should be proud of that.

But then let's look at your business in year 10. Now you're earning $200,000 per year from your business. In year 11 you increase your earnings by a mere 10%. Not really as impressive as a 500% YOY increase, right?

Doesn't matter. That's another $20k in your pocket. I'd prefer $20k over $5k any day!

As you build momentum, small tweaks here and there can really make a huge difference in your business income. You'll be able to make fewer, smarter moves and see bigger results. This is definitely one of the coolest things about sticking around at Wealthy Affiliate and doing affiliate blogging for so many years now.

Start laying that ground work. Get excited. Make a plan. Log into Wealthy Affiliate every day and you will see results.

If you've been around a while and have been working hard on your websites this year, I hope you've been seeing some crazy RPMs and affiliate sales so far, but things might just be about to get a little crazier as this holiday season sets in.

Get ready!

How many articles do you plan on publishing per week in 2021?

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Mark903 Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

As always really enjoy reading your posts !

I currently get around 250 visitors per day and use adsense which usually makes around £22 - 25 per month.

However, last month was around the £54 mark with 2-3 days to go and really thought would break the £60 threshold to pay out in one month, when Google sent me a notification that Ad serving has been limited due to invalid traffic concerns....

The sad thing is my traffic has really increased this month with one post really taking off. It's all genuine traffic as I normally get around 90 % organic traffic.

I just wondered is this normal and will I have to wait a month with no ads ?

I really need to start putting up a lot more content in 2021....hopefully 3-4 posts per month.

Thanks again,
nathaniell Premium Plus
I haven't had the "invalid traffic" thing myself, but have heard of others having the same. Their account recovered, but it was a nerve wracking experience. Once it gets cleared up, you should go back to somewhat normal, although may be with slightly less payment.

However, you'll still be well positioned to keep moving up and up in the coming year. Sounds like you're really getting some good organic traffic with those earnings!
Benjamin89 Premium
2 articles would satisfy me. Just want to say amazing ad stats there. Here I am lucky enough to make $4.00 in a day with ads revenue. But getting around 100 organic visits a day, give or take 20.

It would be so unbelievable if I could earn a few hundred dollars in a day in ads revenue. My god!
nathaniell Premium Plus
This website started out making just PENNIES per day, so you are on the right track with $4.00 per day. Aim for $10. Then $100. Then beyond. I'm still aiming for my first $1000 day with ads! That will be very cool.

Then my next goal is consistent $1000 days with ads. Maybe in 2021~
Benjamin89 Premium
Best of luck, but more so skill!
APersinger Premium
My goal is 3 a week.
nathaniell Premium Plus
3 per week is a great pace to stick with. That's a whopping 150 articles on your website by the end of 2021.
APersinger Premium
It is a hefty goal for me, but that is what it is about. Getting out of my comfort zone.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
I'm thinking two articles a week for my main site and one a week for my others.
nathaniell Premium Plus
That's a great schedule. One main site and one side project. Love it!
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you so much Nathaniell for this very informative and encouraging post much appreciated

Here's to making it happen in 2020 and beyond.

And yes I do agree that planning and committing a Successful and income generating online business takes years and not months.

nathaniell Premium Plus
I have a good feeling about 2021. I think it's going to be a profitable year for a lot of affiliates :)