Article Template #2: Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists, or "best of" lists are fun to read. You already knew this, but probably hadn't thought that YOU can create your own top 10 lists to drive traffic and sales to your affiliate website.

I like to recommend lists to new affiliate marketers because they are easy to understand how to write, and also easy to get the work done. Rather than having to write a comprehensive Start-to-Finish article where it can be difficult to appear like an "expert" if you aren't a great writer, you can get away with a lot less content in this format.

With ten items in a list, and just 100 words each, that's already 1,000 words. Once you add a short introduction and conclusion, and maybe some captions for your images, it's real easy to hit 1500 words.

Word count isn't going to make your post go viral, and it's certainly not going to guarantee rank, but it's a big hurdle for many new writers, and this format removes that blockage.

Plus, lists just look cool. If you add an h3 title and image for each item, you will very quickly have a visually stunning, interesting post that you can also share on social media to get extra traffic to your blog outside of organic search engine traffic.

Here's one of my top 10 lists in action. Unfortunately, Google's currently giving a lower-ranking article the "Featured Snippet", but I'm still ranked #1.

On the next page, I'll break down this template for you.

PS. You don't need exactly ten items to do this template. Depending on the topic of the list, and the type of content you're writing, you can do just three items, or even go crazy and do 100+!

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Calvin8 Premium
Hi Nathaniell

Thank you for the great training. Just curious, are you still creating your articles on the WA platform or directly in WordPress? If you are using the WA platform, which parts do you create in WA before you publish and edit in WordPress.

For instance - Do you upload your images while in WA or directly in WordPress? Do you create your table of contents in WA or directly in WordPress?

Thanks again,

JKulk1 Premium
Wow Nathaniell, anotherr fantastic, informative training segment. I've been reading this on my mobile so have found some parts difficult to see. It's so important that I'm going to go over it again on my PC lsterm The only question I have is that when I do best of searches they always come it at less then 10 , is this an issue . Jim
IncomeLegion Premium Plus
Nathaniel, I love these outlines and found through them I may be using my H2 Tag too early in my post as well as my table of contents. Thanks for an amazing tutorial.
Caruana Premium
This is great stuff. Many thanks for sharing. Will keep for reference.
JHeard_ Premium Plus
Adding these to the arsenal. Thanks Roderick