Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Last Update: July 19, 2014

I just got back from the gym today, where I saw a personal trainer giving the basics of some exercises to a lady. I wondered to myself - "How much do these guys make?"

I took it a bit further and looked into how much other industries charge for personal training and support. Below, I've listed a few "Learning" based activities like languages and music, as well as "career" based training.

In essence, WA is a training center where you learn how to do internet marketing. Let's see how it compares to other things that people pay to learn.

Personal Trainer

  • Cost Per Hour: $50 per hour
  • Training per week: 2-3 sessions
  • Cost Per Month: $400
  • Guaranteed Results? NO

Guitar Lessons

  • Cost Per Hour: $25 per hour
  • Lessons per week: 2-3 sessions
  • Cost Per Month: $200
  • Guaranteed Results? NO

Chinese Lessons

  • Cost Per Hour: $50-80 per hour (private), $8-$25 per lesson (online), $220 per 12 hours (Group)
  • Lesson per week: 2-3 sessions (contract required, pay even when you don't show!)
  • Cost Per Month: $500+
  • Guaranteed Results? NO

Truck Driving School

  • Cost of Tuition: $5000+
  • Yearly Income: $48k
  • Guaranteed Work? NO

Culinary School

  • Cost of Tuition: $$40-$80k
  • Yearly Income: $45k
  • Guaranteed Work? NO

"Official" internet marketing Degree

  • Online Degree from Full Sail University
  • Cost of Tuition: $54k - $77k
  • Yearling Income: ???
  • Guaranteed work? NO

You might have noticed that I looked into a lot of vocational jobs. Kyle already did a post about how much internet marketing training at university costs and the return on investment. there. That's also quite unbelievable.

I hate to fanboy out on you guys here, listen to this: At Wealthy Affiliate you can get personal, 1-on-1 support from internet marketing unlimited number of hours of FREE training including with your membership. Did you know that a life coach will charge you $300 per hour?!!!!!!!

Their justification for that price is that it's a highly personalized training. Hm...that sounds a lot like WA!

I have also attended many webinars on how to invest in stocks - the average cost was $100-$150 dollars per webinar. Webinars in WA? 4 per month, included in your membership price.

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Cost: $47 per month or $359 per year
  • Yearly Income: $0 - $100,000's (You decide)
  • Guarantee Results? No

How To Get Results

Whether you are taking guitar lessons or trying to earn as a chef, nothing is guaranteed. If you are learning a new skill, the vast majority of your actual learning time will happen outside of the classroom in your own study time. If the only thing you do is go to your lessons 2x per week, you will not be a good musician or fluent in the language you learn.

And even with a certificate saying you are a certified chef, truck driver, or internet marketer,a well paying job is NOT going to just land in your lap. When you do get a job, you will start at a base pay and work for years just to get a small % raise.

To make the training inside Wealthy Affiliate produce awesome results, and to actually start getting some income from your websites, you have to spend time learning, you have to spend time working, and you have to follow through. You have to do more than the lessons REQUIRE because doing the bare minimum will get bare minimum results.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the price? It is if you make it worth it.

$47 per month or $359 per year is an absolute steal for the amount of training and support you get here, no matter how you slice it. The fact that paying $1 per day can teach you how to earn $10,000's per month is insane

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Couldn't agree more!
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I like the way you think, Nathaniell. The advice to do more than the actual lessons is spot on. ~Jude
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and I totally agree with you all the best
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Wow. Very informative article. Definitely worth every cent!!
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