Have You Missed The Boat On Affiliate Marketing?

Last Update: June 01, 2016

One big question that comes up a lot with newbies is if it's still possible to make money in affiliate marketing. Haven't all the good niches been taken? Aren't there too many big websites to complete with?

The simple answer is no.

And the exciting answer is that there's never been a better time to get started than right now!


There are some very simple, concrete reasons why it's better to get started in affiliate marketing right now, rather than a few years ago.

1) It's easier to build websites.

Using WordPress gets easier every year, to the point where you can now build a website in less than a minute. Once your website is up, it gets listed in Google automatically. The main challenge is getting traffic to the site, then converting to sales. But actually building the basic website is a piece of cake, especially inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh yeah, it's FREE too: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/build

2) Google Is Stricter

Ummm, doesn't that mean it's harder to rank? Nope. It's harder to scam and game the system. For legitimate online businesses, and for people producing high quality content, it's easier to get high rankings because 90% of people messing with link schemes, PBNs, and shady SEO strategies simply won't see results. Bummer dude, but thanks for the #1 spot.

Because Google is getting smarter and better at finding relevant content to searches, it means if you build your business without complicated strategies, you have a better chance of getting noticed.

3) There are more ways to promote your business

Not ranking in Google? OK. So go to Facebook and promote your business there for free or with Facebook ads. No luck? Try Twitter, both free or paid. Not working? Try Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

There are so many online communities and ways to grow your business now it's not a matter of HOW, it's a matter of what suits you and your niche best.

4) Wealthy Affiliate Training Is Simple To Understand, And More Effective Than Ever

Back in my day I had to walk 30 miles in the snow, uphill both ways...yeah, you know the story. But seriously. When I started in WA in 2010, I only got FIVE WordPress installs (I think). There was no peer review system. There was no FREE membership. There were no push button redirects, no domain buying system, no Jaaxy, no webinars, and no live chat.

So think of all that stuff you have that gives you the advantage over the competition also trying to grow their business, without the insight of Wealthy Affiliate experts!

And if you're worried about the competition...DON'T.

There may be 1 or 2 big guys that do really awesome that will be hard to out-compete. But the vast majority of people will get lazy and quit or never make the effort to take their business to the next level. If you make the effort, then those "big competitors" can become peers and partners.

Successful people recognize other successful people, and you can team up with them for bigger and better projects. But you gotta prove yourself first!

Are all the good niches taken?

Nope. Not only can you break into evergreen niches at any point, there are always new niches being created.

Evergreen niches are just that....evergreen. They are always changing and growing. The world of health, wealth, and happiness always has some kind of news, or new products you can write about. Like a flowing river, it's never the same, and you can jump in at any point to start your business.

Or you can pick a new niche that's just started recently. How about smart homes or smart watches? How about virtual reality? How about gluten free, paleo, or the ketone diet? Disaster preparedness? These are all niches that have grown immensely in popularity in recent years and are traffic monsters that didn't exist a decade ago.

So, NO, you didn't miss the boat. Right now is an incredible time to start your affiliate marketing business!

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I thought I posted a comment here, but when I went back to copy it, I didn't see it? Hmmmm. Anyway, saving the long story. I thought I would jump in here, since this report fits nicely with this conversation. Here's a List of the Hottest Niches for 2016, not really too much of a surprise to me, but sheds light light on this post. Grab a look here: http://product-delivery.moneymadedaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/The5HottestNichesFor2016.pdf
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Excellent post, Nathaniell. I agree, it's wonderfully ironic that because Google has become stricter it actually means it's far easier to do things the right way. I'm pretty sure that the day is not far off when it will actually be far more hassle than its worth to do anything black hat or even grey hat. Or maybe that day has already arrived?
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Exciting times for us all, the great thing is we are getting a very good foundation being here at WA
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Yes its an exciting time for affiliate marketers. Thanks for this great post.. from Janelle
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I am so glad the "old way" of getting a website built was by a guru. Many of them got rich. Today it is FREE. I like the price of free! Plus websites can do so much more. By following the training here you can almost reach into a hat blindfolded and pick a niche. It's all about creating quality content and being unique.
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I agree here with you Nathaniell. The analogy I can think of is, if you play guitar the more time you put in, the better you get, the better you get, the more people want to hear you play, the more people want to hear you play, the more willing they are to pay you to play....and the story goes on...
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I could not agree with You more, this is a golden opportunity to start an online business. There will always be people hungry for your Niche
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Great stuff and all of it is true! Affiliate marketing will work, you just have to get out of your comfort zone until you find what works best for you. As was said, there are multiple ways to generate traffic besides just Google.
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Spot on!

I will be referring to this post when new users are being discouraged or skeptical of the system BEFORE they even had the chance to do one step.

People have been too distrusting over the fact that there are so many scam sites out there that it's becoming hard to distinguish between the legit ones or not for the untrained eye, so a good wake up call for them to ACTUALLY TAKE THE RISK would be a good bet.

Thanks for sharing! :)
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That's a really good point that new niches are always being created. New products, companies and hobbies are still popping up and probably at a faster rate than ever before. There are probably MORE things to talk about now. It's just the very basics that are typically already super saturated.
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