Alternatives To A Steam Affiliate Program

Last Update: March 09, 2017

One of the most popular and profitable niches to get into is gaming. Nowadays, there are many ways to play video games. Consoles, digital downloads, apps, portable consoles, and flash games.

Even within those categories, there are an unlimited number of genres like 1st person shooters, open world games, puzzle games, and MMORPGs. With eSports and online gaming, you can also participate in teams, or even make money.

Those are all potential focused niches within the broad topic of "gaming".

One of the most popular places to download games is a website called Steam. However, they do not have an affiliate program! That's a huge bummer, but there are many alternatives. I wanted to compile a list of potential places to affiliate with that could be considered alternatives to Steam's affiliate program.

Talking about affiliation, don't forget that game downloads are not the end of potential promotion ideas. Even if you do want to recommend Steam games, there are still lots of things you can promote without a Steam affiliate program.

Here are some ideas

  • bluetooth headsets
  • gaming chairs, desks, couches, armchairs
  • cheat codes or strategy guides
  • fan gear
  • computers and computer parts
  • consoles
  • microphones
  • game room decorations (shelves, frames, lighting)

There's a potential to make money in any niche, so even if you look at this list and don't see anything that works with your area of gaming, you can always use Google Adsense. Here's a huge list of alternatives to Adsense as well:

Load your site up with some ads! Gaming is so huge, that with a popular blog, it's not unreasonable to get 10k visits per day to your content, which translates to thousands of dollars per month in earnings.

Here's more I wrote about how to break down the video game niche in case you needed some ideas for your site:

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JHill529 Premium
Nice post. Considering this as my niche. Thanks for the helpful info!
Foobard Premium
Thanks a lot for this! It sparked an idea of how I can add gaming to my niche!
emergent Premium
I have read and commented on this three times because I keep getting ideas from it. Awesome post
emergent Premium
Thank you for the terrific information.
BupeM Premium
Extremely Informative..
Chezbrown Premium
Thanks for this great information Nathaniel. Xx
NeBro Premium

cosmicradio Premium
I used to like gaming, and it's definitely a great niche idea, Nathaniel. Still play a bit of sedate FOE nowadays! :)
bbudhoo Premium
Thanks for sharing
dlibreros Premium
Thanks for sharing this... now that my video game site is growing, this is gonna be a huge help! Awesome!
mission0ps Premium
My son's gonna love this post.. he's a Steam fanatic!

Cheers for the info buddy
stn67 Premium
This niche I've tried to get my son to help start up. he plays a lot and records to his youtube channel
KiwiGeorge Premium
Thank you, not my sort of thing.
Everlight Premium
Thanks for the info Nathaniel :) I've been searching for alternatives of Steam affiliate. As far I know, they don't have any affiliate system.

adreyna Premium
Great list! Thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
Yes Nathaniel. My grandson sometimes games next to my workstation and he is INTENSELY into it!
AllanSiegel Premium
Interesting stuff. I never mastered the original Nintendo, so this is way beyond my comprehension.
AlexandriaD1 Premium
HO-LY CRAP! These are some excellent ideas and I freaking love video games! I play video games all the time and I always wondered how I could possibly make money out of it besides making Youtube videos. Thank you so much for bringing this up!
I am extremely into turn-based RPG games and have a nice collection of these, much like what you have pictured above.

I assumed that this was so saturated that it would not be a good niche to get into. I have an idol website, VideoGamesTampa with some age on it.

So you are a gamer? Not something I ever thought you'd be into. I love the Final Fantasy-type RPGs. They're awesome and I never get tired of them.

NES, GB, SNES, GBC, GBA, GC, Wii, (dropped N64) PSX, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Dream Cast, (Used to have Sega Master System and Genesis.)

They've come a LONG way since PONG, Telestar, Odyssey, Odyssey II, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar and Vectrex (which I still have)

Wow! I have most of the Turn-based, dungeon-crawlers and some adventure (like Zelda) games for these systems but don't yet have a few of the systems yet! I hate sports, shooters and fighting games. I do like some of the platform games, especially if they are medieval.

LOL! I see you have Kid Icarus. Which type of games do you play, if you play any?

I would love to revive that website but I don't want it to be like all the others out there.
Ivine Premium
Hi Nathaniell, your are offering real alternatives. Irv.
Karax Premium
great info! Thank you!
Defiant6 Premium
Thank you for posting this. My website is focused on gaming, but more specifically open world games. I've always heard the video game niche is quite profitable, but I have to I doing something wrong.

I've got affiliate programs through Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon, but I have yet to get any sales (related to gaming) through either of them. Now I know I also have Google AdSense on my site as well and I do know that it can take potential customers away from my site.

My concern is though even with that, I'm still not getting the traffic. I thought I was a few weeks ago as I had big spikes in traffic, but that was because of my jump into PPC for the first time and trying a Traffic Exchange as well. I was even getting a good boost in revenue from AdSense. Now that I've stopped both, my Google traffic has dropped back to regular levels which is generally 25-30 sessions a day.

So, maybe I'm not giving content that gamers want especially in the open world genre. Do you think I should create walk throughs? Should I spend more time in gaming forums to see what it is people need help with? Should I create more gameplay videos or should I talk more about gaming accessories that can make open world gameplay more exciting?
WaynePro Premium
Very good information, Nathaniell. Thank you for sharing. I use STEAM a lot.
halinphilly Premium
One of the best shares I've seen here. You really drilled down deep imto your niche, Nathaniel.

Even if a member's web site is for a completely different audience, you have effectively demonstrated how to drill down to get into some good sub-niches that could also be lucrative. Nice post!
emergent Premium
Thank you Nathaniel, you provided lots of information and stuff I never even would have thought about such as auxiliary promotional ideas. Great job.
xanfo Premium
Thanks for the information Nathaniel.
bosco50050 Premium
Thanks for the share..rgds...bosco
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for sharing
swfc22 Premium
Gaming niche is super competitive, there's no doubt about that.

There's also a bunch of greymarket sites that can be used, G2A and CDKeys are just some of many.
CraigUKTV Premium
Gaming is a niche I would love to get into. I agree, I think it has huge potential. My biggest problem? I'm not a gamer and I don't think I could be passionate enough about it.

I probably wouldn't know what to write about either and I would eventually get bored.
mijareze Premium
Great resource!
Thank you,
amgolf Premium
I am the niche of these product.
RoyMolyneux Premium
Some great ideas here. Passion and tenacity will take us a long way.
Amar-V Premium
Cool. But is that your collection? That'd be awesome!
Newguru Premium
The point you're making here rings true with many different niches. From my experience you really don't see the true potential for any niche until you're submerged in it.

Once you become submerged in a niche you'll constantly be learning about new avenues to generate income from it. The internet is so vast and most of us still don't know the full potential that it has in store for us.
nathaniell Premium
It's shocking how much you can discover about a niche when you dig in. If you are truly passionate about something, the topics are endless, and affiliate programs are plentiful!
littlemama Premium
Thanks for the list, now could you do it for every niche? Lol
nathaniell Premium
Haha. Just gimme 10 years....
feigner Premium
wow only ten years - fast worker!!!!