6 Year Anniversary in Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: June 12, 2016

Another year has passed, and I'm still an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wow! Such craziness has happened over the past six years and I could not have guessed that joining a little online training site would have such a big impact on my life.

In the past six years, thanks to WA, I've

  • Quit my job in China and moved back to the USA
  • Bought a house and truck with my affiliate earnings
  • Been to Las Vegas 3 times for the WA conference
  • Traveled across the USA to visit friends I made here in the community

What's amazing to me is that every new year I have new ideas and goals to work on. Some of my past ideas and projects I can see in hindsight were a waste of time and money. But I have lots of new ideas to work on.

In fact, this is one of the most exciting things about working in online marketing. I can tailor my business to meet my whims. I'm never bored! If I get sick of one thing, I can move onto the next. No, it's not the best business strategy, but it's fun. I absolutely love working on my websites, even though it can be frustrating when plans don't work out as originally designed.

Speaking of plans not working out...

My goals from 2015 were as follows:

  • Continue to create weekly training and blogs in Wealthy Affiliate
  • Double my net income

Well, I ran out of training ideas and wanted to focus more on my websites, which were making me money! But I did continue to post weekly blog posts, which I think are really fun. I like sharing my experiences with the WA community to inspire you guys and let you know my successes/failures.

Unfortunately, I didn't double my income either. LOL. Nice try! But I did maintain it from last year, so that's something. I'm still trying to grow it next year.

And that's another awesome thing about online marketing. What other job can you say to yourself, "I want to earn more money, and here's how I plan to do it.". You can essentially design your own paycheck (as long as you plan on putting in the work).

I think my main challenge from last year was complacency. It's tough putting in an 8 hour day when you wake up to money in the bank. But being lazy with your business will come back to bite you in the butt later on. So I keep trying to spark some inspiration in myself and press forward with growth in both One More Cup of Coffee (my bootcamp site) and other niche websites that I'm working on.

My goals for 2016 are simple:

  • Get my new "big project" website earning $1000 per month from affiliate commissions and Adsense (combined)
  • Focus on non-scam-reviews for my bootcamp site and get 50% more traffic from those keywords

One big failure I had from this year is that I've put a ton of money into a website that hasn't returned anything yet. I've spent about $20,000 so far in content and other things related to the website, and I've only made about $100. Yup. Ouch. This is why it's best to write your own content in the beginning. Homemade mistakes are free. Paying someone else to make mistakes can get super expensive!!!!!

Anyway, I have another big motorcycle trip coming up this year, so have to prepare for that. I lost my muffler on the highway yesterday (oops) so I have to deal with that now. I'll post some pics from the trip later on :)

Good luck to everyone with your websites this summer. Keep up the good work, and you will see results that can absolutely change the direction of your life.

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tumelom03 Premium
Hmmmm... Maybe I should start blogging weekly just to keep myself in check. Thank you for the light bulb moment. All the best for 2017
pitin Premium
$20,000 spent in contents? Really OUCH.
JCroxford Premium
Great story man, I hope to be looking back in 6 years time with the same kind of success you have had.
OrenL Premium
A pleasure to meet you Nathaniell! Re your $20k mistake, there is the old adage "To err is human. To really mess things up requires a computer."
nwagra15 Premium
Nathaniel, that's a great story and down to earth, Congratulations for your achievements.It is a blessing to learn form you.
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Great job, Nathaniell! This is an inspiration to keep plugging away and working hard!
speedking Premium
Keep it going Nathaniel, you are a great inspiration to us all. Take care, Johan.
whitsunday Premium
I'm a big fan of yours Nathaniel. I like how your posts are always so down to earth and clear. Thanks and congratulations on your well earned successes.
Wayne66 Premium
Congrats on your sixth anniversary here at WA. You are a major contributor and I'm glad to have you as part my network.
LesleyHamlin Premium
I love your honesty. No sugar coating.
Thanks for all your help and advice. Lesley
olivingstone Premium
Hi Nathaniel, congratulations and good luck with your 2016 goals. All the best. Olive
GabriellaK Premium
Hi Nathaniel, Congratulations! Valuable information for us what to expect in the future... Yes, it can be challenging to keep working when you already earned money but the continuity and new ideas keep this business alive and profitable. I wish you good luck for your projects!
Sui_generis Premium
WOW. I didn't realize you've been here 6 years and you've done so well. GOOD for you! You're an inspiration to all the young folks. Keep it up, Nathaniell.
SongbirdDL Premium
Thank you for sharing Nathaniell. I have made my own fair share of mistakes. I will, however, not quit. Thank you for the inspiration. :)~Danielle
FilichiaT Premium
This is really very encouraging, knowing that you Quit your job and bought a house. It just boosts a persons will power.
altard Premium
Congrats Nathan!! Inspiring story..
LyndiM Premium
Wow, you have had an amazing year with super lessons too. Congratulations on your successes!
RogerHumbke Premium
It's great to hear the good and the bad. Your advice and experience are valuable to all of us.
dvilla410 Premium
Pretty amazing what you've accomplished. That is really awesome. you took the time and didnt give up. And now look at you haha
speakwealth Premium
Congrats, Nathaniell,

I hope I have the same enthusiasm 4.5 years from now!
kmer6 Premium
Thank you Nathaneill for this inspirational post. I welcome you to ride down here to Louisiana, and we will go to New Orleans and I'll show you some great Cajun food!
yourbrother Premium
Great bro, very inspiring thank you!
RobinHudson Premium
Nice Nate! Thanks for sharing!
gappleby Premium
Thanks for sharing your successes, and also keeping it real, Nathaniel. You're an awesome asset to the community. And as for those bad ideas that didn't pan out being a waste of time? Naw, they're just part of the process. I bet I can match you blow for blow on brilliant ideas that didn't pan out.

Good luck on your 2016 goals. June is "hump month" when the year is half behind us and half ahead of us. And I like the idea of having fun along the way. Sounds like a great business strategy to me!

The Entrepreneur
TJ Books Premium
Great, Nate! Just started year nine here as my doctor said my 3rd aortic valve could work for another 5 years. lol John
DPolny Premium
Congrats on all your accomplishments!! May you have many more:)
theresroth Premium
Thank you Nathaniell!
Rock hard evidence.......:-)
Dinh Premium
thanks for the inspiration!
kiliwia62 Premium
Congratulations Nathaniel and what an inspiration your post is too. :)
LisaFranks Premium
Ouch, Nathaniel. 20k spend hurts a lot.
bryonbrewer Premium
That's a painful lesson to learn, how did you get to $20k on content spend before you realized mistakes had been made?
paulgoodwin Premium
Love it and you are the man -
bhoppy1 Premium
Thanks for all the ideas you share!
iJared Premium
When I got here it was 4 years!! Awesome to see you going strong and continuing to be an excellent example here for all of us. I think you are a tremendous person and a true leader by definition. Thanks for all you do here Nathaniell!
LizPB Premium
That's awesome! Great inspiration. ..it can happen ;-)
Chezbrown Premium
Thank's Nathaniel, great post and good luck with your 2016 goals.
Haymanc75 Premium
Thanks for keeping it real Nathaniell. I'm glad that you not only shared your successes, but also your failures, and how you plan to learn from them.

That's very inspirational and essentially why it takes hard work to succeed at any business.

Thanks again! Enjoy your road trip! Let me know if you ever pass through North Carolina.
mjdimarco Premium
Congratulation Nathaniell. Great phrase "Homemade mistakes are free".
GlenPalo Premium
Thanks for sharing. That is so inspirational!
albinchero Premium
6 years of success, that is great you just gave us motivation. Working smart sum up to that thank you and keep up the good work.
gmegs Premium
Happy 6th Nathaniell!
KatieMac Premium
6 years that is some going and by the sounds of it many great journey's congratulations and happy anniversary very inspiring post and I agree it is good to map out your own earnings and projects.. hope the motorcycle trip goes well, who knows maybe you will venture to Scotland one day and try the motorcycle routes here, not as vast as the USA but fun to travel on
RoopeshG Premium
That is awesome.Congrats.
kgrindstaff Premium
Way to go. keep it up
boomergp08 Premium
Wow! Six years! Sounds like a perfect reason to drink a SIX-Pack of whatever craft beer you like, probably sours knowing you. But then again, that suggestion is just an excuse to justify having 6 great beers. :-) Happy Wanniversary!
Tezsie Premium
Hi Nathaniell, Thanks for sharing your ups and downs story. Very realistic. I wish you a fantastic motorcycle trip.
Ultimateless Premium
This is very inspiring and to know what obstacles you have had to overcome and what didn't work for you and the success you've had.
jphe Premium
thanks for sharing,
be lucky
feigner Premium
thanks for the update nathaniell, congratulations on 6 years here and more in business. Hopefully it will be a long time until i make an expensive mistake like that, but as has happened in the past it may be a pay forward and the returns are coming.
have fun on the trip - it is one of my dreams to cross the states on a bike.
but keep working, as you say you cannot rest on your laurels!!
Marcus1978 Premium
Great update, thanks Nathaniell.
MaryColes316 Premium
Thanks for the inspiration!
Kaciesmama Premium
Congratulations on 6 years and I'm sure you're learning from any failures. Success is a big thing though so at least you have that
mergie1 Premium
Great post, keep inspiring us.
JewelCarol Premium
Such an inspirational and honest post, I love it very much, thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us, Nathaniel. I hope you have a great motorcycle trip. Have a nice day. ;))
Judy-B Premium
Congratulations, Nathaniell. Thanks for the updates and goals, it's inspiring. Have a good and safe trip. :)
SadieChan Premium
Hi Nathaniel,
if you run out of training here, perhaps you can blog about how you make money from your site and your experiences over investing so much on article writing and what are the cause of its failure. We want to learn from successful people like you.
Regards Sadie,
Jim-Bo Premium
A smart person learns from their mistakes, An even smarter person learns from the mistakes of others.
SadieChan Premium
Hi Nathaniel,
Thanks for the compliment. Smarter person may not necessary be a successful person if he or she is too careful to jump into any projects without wanting to take risk. Successful people must be able to work through their failure.
I am still wondering why a $20,000 investment can make you so little money. You could have created 20 websites with content from that investment and sell at a profit easily.
Regards Sadie.
EFors Premium
Hi, Nathaniel. Thanks for sharing your story and goals, six years in WA and with your open mind you are inspiring me. Wish you all the best. :))
Loes Premium
Congrats Nathaniell, hope to meet you once in Vegas:))
Lucianje Premium
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story.Wish you more and more success
Defiant6 Premium
Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary! Also thanks for posting your goals this year as it gives the rest of us inspiration.
bosco50050 Premium
Good to hear of your successes and temporary failures. Hope to emulate your successes. Thanks for all your input. Keep on trucking!!
ClaudiaHB Premium
ouch, that loss must have hurt, it makes me grinch - congratulations, hope to see you in Las Vegas!
Jaydaone1 Premium
Nathaniell thanks for your trip down memory lane as it inspires all to continue to work hard and it shows how tenacious you are. All I can say is Wow six years it's amazing and continued success. I really appreciate your help !
bamannisi Premium
Congratulations on your achievements! Your story is both inspiring and a lesson! thanks
Jim-Bo Premium
Nice! I wish you further successes and less failures. I wish you to be the next Pat Flynn, John Chow (but don't promote Mobe) or Neil Patel.
winsuccess Premium
Nathaniell, congratulations on your new milestone and successes!!
AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations Nathaniell, that is one big achievement. It is something that we can only aspire to, thank you very much for sharing some aspects of your journey, for me it is very inspiring. My big take home is that we need to work constantly to maintain what we are wanting to achieve. Thank you.
Dreamer56 Premium
Great story Nathaniell. You are an inspiration to all. I am sorry not to see more of your trainings tho. I have shared many of them and learned from them as well. Congratulations on your successes. Enjoy!
DPolny Premium
Congrats on your 6 yr anniversary with WA!! May it only get better:)
RobVallair Premium
Congrats! That is a testimony that Wealthy Affiliate does work .... If you stick with it and don't give up. Nathaniel, you're a great inspiration! Thank You.
DougAtkinson Premium
Thank you Nathaniell. Your progress & longevity are encouraging.
Ecowarrior Premium
Happy Anniversary and have a great year to follow! Cheers, Lisa
annarella Premium
Congratulations Nathaniell - you've had quite the ride! I wish you much continued success!

All the best,

samson100 Premium
It is always fun and encouraging for me to read about your progress here at WA. You have been a role model to me. Wow, it amazes me how much you have accomplished financially during those six years. Thank you for sharing, it helps me to focus on all my work here to achieve the same kind of success.
DiemN Premium
Wow, great sharing post. Wish you all the best for the coming years.
BarbaraJP Premium
It's encouraging. When I can afford to lose $20,000 I will rejoice and be thankful!!!
rwagener Premium
Thanks for the update and all your help here.
All the best and hope you can double your income this year :).
KariLee Premium
Happy Anniversary Nathaniel!
Thanks for sharing your experience over the past 6 years. I really appreciate that.
Takatomo Premium
Thank you for the update Nathaniel. Great that you mention both good and bad things that have happened..
SZev Premium
Wow, thanks for "keeping it real"! :-) I have to say that my jaw dropped at that the 20K figure. I hope it pays off in the second half of this year!
beata029444 Premium
Congratulation Nathaniel! I wish you happy anniversary and many more happy years to come.
Mel1948 Premium
I'm pretty new here so it's great to read such inspiring posts as this. Thank you for posting. Best of luck with your "Big Project" and your motorcycle trip.

MPollock Premium
Fantastic post, thanks and have a good week.
HowardJaros Premium
Congrats Nathaniell!!
Mklarson120 Premium
Congrats Nathaniell! I love your One More Cup of Coffee site. Be safe on your motorcycle trip!
bjdluna Premium
Thank you Nathaniell! You really are an inspiration to see what can be accomplished with WA. I am trying alot of different things in hopes that at least one of them will prove to be successful and earn me some additional income which I really need! Have fun on your trip and stay safe!
meg68 Premium
Thanks nathaniell for writing this great post. Your achievements are very inspirational, especially to new starters such as myself.
AHohaia Premium
Hi there Nathaniell,
I love your blog posts and how you share your ideas with the WA community. I am working on my second website at the moment using a Niche you had suggested a while ago. I will keep you posted.:-) Thanks for sharing your goals.
You are an inspiration!!!
All the best from Anke
JudeP Premium
Wow, you have done so well Nathaniel - here's to the next 6 years! :)
blubutterfly Premium
Thanks for your update Nathaniell, sounds like an exciting journey and a positive one too...:) Good luck with your new goals
rosieM Premium
YOU are the one who led me to WA...I am forever grateful to you for that. Want to know what is one of the many things I love and admire about you? Your honesty.....you lay open your failures and then show that you forge ahead and the lessons learned. This has been a lifesaver more times than I can count. Many times I have almost 'quit'; your posts and messages have kept me going, even through the darkest of times..Thank you......may you have the success you deserve...and THAT IS A LOT OF SUCCESS!!!!!
The-Fran Premium
Congratulations, Roderick. Goals are great—both ones you see yourself reaching and ones that are a little out there. Six years with Wealthy Affiliate is a testament to your success with the program and commitment to giving a hand up to others, as well.

All the best to you this year and beyond.