3 Tips For Getting Over The Three Month Hump

Last Update: June 10, 2020

There's a weird thing about the third month of your online marketing journey that really trips people up. For some reason, right around month number 3, motivation starts to wane. I'm not the only one who sees it, and I've felt it myself!

Why is the third month, the most difficult month?

Personally, I think it's because it's when you exit the honeymoon phase. The first month is really exciting to get started. The second month you feel like a hardworking entrepreneur, and success is right around the corner.

By the time the third month of working on your online business rolls around, you start wondering if you're doing things wrong, and if results will ever come. Self doubt creeps in, and you might have negative thoughts like "everyone else can do this but me".

Of course, this isn't true, but we've all experienced self doubt before, and it can be a powerful drug.

Here are some tips that I use to push through my own mental blocks and keep moving forward. As someone who's been here for 10 years, I've had plenty of ups and downs during that time, so I hope these tips can help!

#1 Tip: Create Small, Daily, Achievable Habits

If you read my blogs here, you've probably heard this one before, but I'm repeating it because it's probably the top tip in my toolbelt. Consistent, daily habits beat out all other tactics.

Creating big goals, in my opinion, can set you up for big failures. I'm not saying you shouldn't aim high, but you need to have small steps to get there.

In scenario 1 you goal is to write 10,000 words in a week. You get busy during the week, and tell yourself you'll make up the time on the weekend. Suddenly you have to write 10k words in a single day, get frustrated, get writer's block, and give up. Maybe you get 3,000 words over the weekend.

In scenario 2 you have to write 1500 words per day 7 days. You skip Thursday and Friday because you get busy, but all other days you meet you goals. Now you have over 7,000 words. Double what you had in scenario 1!

In scenario 3 you say you'll write 500 words in the morning, and 1000 words in the evening. 500 words takes about 20 minutes. 1,000 words might take an hour or so if you are familiar with your topic. Now you're spending just 1.5 hours per day to grow your business, and by the end of the week you have 10,000 words. That could be about 6-7 blog posts per week!

Multiply that by 52 weeks in a year, and you have a website with 300+ blog posts in a single year of business operation. Amazing!

#2. Mix Things Up

Changing what you're working on allows you to "take a break", but not really take a break.

Let's say that writing articles is really frustrating you. It's really hard to hit that 1000-1500 minimum word count, and you feel like you aren't a great writer. Demotivating, right?

Spend some time on something else. Take a break writing for a week, and work on something you think is fun. Change the design of your blog a bit. Work in Canva and create a logo. Update some old blog posts to add more images. See what data you can extract from Google Analytics and Search Console.

Read some other websites in your niche. Join some email lists for relevant topics and write down topic ideas. Do some keyword research and make a content plan for a few months ahead. Write some article outlines. Watch some of Jay's webinars. Post some questions in classrooms. Start a social media account.

The list goes on and on. There's a lot you can be doing other than what you don't want to be doing. As long as you're working on "the business" it counts IMO. Don't give up everything just because one things sucks.

#3. Ask Yourself What Else You'd be Doing With Your Time

I get caught up in this a lot. I sometimes sit down at the computer and really don't feel like working at all.

But then I ask myself, what else is so important that I need to be doing? What am I really going to do with my time? Drink a beer? Take a walk? Watch TV? I know that I fill a lot of my spare time with useless activities that don't move the needle forward.

That's OK. It's human nature to want to relax. But how much relaxing do you really need to do? Is it really going to make you feel that much better to shut down your laptop and turn on Netflix? Do you really want to log out of Wealthy Affiliate and play on Facebook?

This kind of "guilt trip" on yourself works for me.

Of course, many people have busy lives, and important things to do. I get that. But we all have 24 hours in a day, and each individual has to make tradeoffs of what they want to accomplish during that time.

Look At It As Training, As A Skill

The harder you work, and the longer you work, the easier things get. Doesn't matter if it's lifting weights, learning to code, or playing an instrument. The more you practice, the better you get. No matter what.

Instead of focusing on making money, focus on getting good at what you do. When I focus on general improvement instead of worring about hitting a specific target, it's easier for me to work through difficult situations.

Instead of thinking, "this is a useless task which will not get me to my goal", my mindset immediately changes to, "this difficult situation will definetely happen again, and next time I'll be better prepared".

When I bought my first house in 2012, I didn't know what a sawzall was, and struggled to remove the built-in shelving in the master bedroom. Now I'm a DIY maniac and am doing things like installing recessed lighting in the kitchen and building 100-foot fences.

Similarly, I used to struggle to log into FTP or find good keywords to rank for. Now it's just second nature. The focus on "getting good", and not just "getting somewhere" has really helped with achiving my #1 tip of locking in daily habits.

Final Thoughts

The three month hump is a big one, but it's definitely something the community support here at Wealthy Affiliate can help with. Thousands of other members have been where you are now. If you're struggling, let us know, and we can help.


What I really want to do in this post is crowdsource some help for newbies approaching their third month of building a successful affiliate website.

  • What tips do you have for them?
  • What worked for you? What didn't work?
  • What would you do differently next time?
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Jacquie8 Premium
It is true that I dropped off at around the third month! I found myself quite stuck on design aspects (was this just me procrastinating?) and ended up in other places looking for answers. Of course going other places will always bring up more questions and distractions.

Then of course I got distracted by Covid 19... but was that a real excuse? I don't know... I had to look for work suddenly, and my personal schedule was shaken up.... working many more hours than I had in decades.... so with the timing of everything maybe my 3 month lull was a list of excuses, with the real factor as you have outlined Nathaniell!

Nevertheless, it is true... 3 months in and I experienced a real lull in being here on WA, but I did continue to spend time learning about websites in that lull, and feel a lot more confident in how to customise.
imelda77 Premium
Thank you Nathaniel,
I am so pleased I have read this article as I am coming up to my 3 months thinking will things ever change.........is this worth while doing as I feel I am working really hard and still lots of learning to go. I can completely relate to this so thank you for sharing.
Here's to success
WaltM Premium
Great post Nathaniell!

As always you truly hit the nail right on its head!

Thanks for the insight and the inside push!

My Tip:

So I first & foremost would say tipping off "the fresh & new members" to Wealthy Affiliate--is try & spend 5-15 minutes of time gaming-up or familiarizing yourself with the new people joining everyday; the people who reach out to you; like your stuff... etc.

And if you are up to it note/share something in post about that which speaks to you, personally.

That may sound like a tall order, depending on how fast you learn, read or write. (or the time you have..)

But, you have to create the time to notice "little" steps--are in fact the key to taking up bigger ones!

I love that Nathaniell website & blog post got me by (accident & surprise) to join Wealthy Affiliate ... in as little as a week and a half; after the 7 free day trial.

I needed in one (1) part of me--more time to see (if) or what I'd be missing out on!

(if that makes sense).

So yea I'd drop everything you thinking or doing for about 5 to 15 minutes.


If you not new & a little advanced ( in something) or know something about affiliate marketing and are familiarize yourself with how the money thing work, well the platform can use you reaching out to the fresh & new to help someone else thrive.., because that's what I figured out looking at my rank # move & I ain't making any money yet.

Still not making any money yet.. Except!!!

At 5 -15 minutes of my time reaching out -- in here my rank # started to move & I get super inspired to build out my skills more..

I ain't reaching out for the # rank to move -- but to get better at connecting myself to my work & possibly one method of affiliate marketing for earning money + learning with others (how to do it better) at whatever level they reach back to me from..

Believe it or not I'm a slow learner here at affiliate marketing.

However. I discovered I love to read & write.

I am simply getting better at it building out my online goal thru the community!


What I had to do differently with my time in here- is read what other community members have been doing.. (That works!)

At the end of it you kinda figure a crowdsource solution that help you too!

I know as a newbie this stuff is challenging-- learning all this affiliate marketing stuff & the whole works, yet it gets easier the more you embrace approaching this thing as a business!

I can tell you too, that looking back at January 2020 when I first joined WA I didn't have a clue & I am still learning!

That's my tip!

All the best,
nathaniell Premium
If you love to read and write, then you'll really do well with affiliate marketing, no matter what niche you're in. The main 'value' we provide as website owners is that we do research, consolidate information, and help people understand complex topics in a simple way.

If you can do that, you'll make some great money with your website Walter!
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Nathaniell
I didn't hit the 3-month hump but have recently had a huge one to climb ... I didn't call my site late bloomer for nothing, haha! At least I'm consistent with something :-)
I am finally getting back into action now by refreshing old posts, going through the ideas I have collected and not yet actioned and working on my why. The creative juices are starting to flow again as is the enthusiasm. Thank heavens!
Great share, really appreciated :-)
nathaniell Premium
Nothing wrong with late blooming, as long as you show up. That's the cool thing I love about online marketing, at least blogging specifically. You can start something, leave it, then come back to it and it might be better off than when you left.

My beer blog is constantly on and off, but traffic seems to be picking up lately even though I stopped publishing recently.
LouiseBT Premium
Speaking of a beer blog, if you have any South African clients you will have seen a spike when our alcohol ban was lifted a week or two ago. Brace yourself for another dip though, it looks like the ban may be on its way back again. Ouch!
1Rudy1 Premium
Review. By reviewing, you are refreshing your memory of the information you've learned about. Sometimes, you see something tha clicks the 2nd time around.

Make a checklist of things to do like - make sure links are good, update with new information when applicable.

If you have a few irons in the fire, my achilles heel, go back and see where you are with them. Continue ffrom where you left off.
nathaniell Premium
Reviewing is not one of my strong suits. That's definitely something I could do better. My content is riddled with typos.

Great tips!