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Last Update: April 23, 2016

Ooppss ... too slow ... I wanted to wish Penelope a happy 7th b-day but missed by a couple of minutes. She is pretty much my age now.

Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you to those who have been helping me get back up to snuff. Re reading some of my favourite inspirational blogs and training by just a few my heros (there are many here) such as Rob, Loes, Tony, Stephanie, Kyle, David, Mark, Debbi, Nathaniell, Marion, Steve, Deirdrie, Carson, Scott and the list goes on. You know who you are so don't be offended if you don't see your name. The moment I post this i will likely go Oh shoot ..."your name" should be here.

I figured out that it is not a good idea to try and post a direct link to the WA sign up page from social media for so many reasons.

I finally did figure out a way to take advantage of my name ranking on page one and have now set it so the funnel makes sense. I don't want to be pushy but don't want to lose prospects either. I hope I have found the right balance for NARDA

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Robert-A Premium
Hello Narda nice to see you back after your break.
You know where I ma if you need a bit of help.
Don't be shy lol.
Enjoy your weekend.
TonyHamilton Premium
Wonderful Narda,

It is so nice to see you again my Friend & thank you for the compliment. (If I am the Tony that You are referring to :))

Success is so close for you now my Friend and I'm so happy for you,

Narda Premium
There is only one Tony to me. Blessings my friend!
TonyHamilton Premium
Thank You Narda, Blessings to You as well my Friend!
upsgirl Premium
I have watched your progression and you are succeeding because you apply what you learn. You ask questions, when needed. You are absolutely going to make this work for you and your family!

I'm glad you're here! Thanks for this Blog and for your kind words!

You are always welcome!
Narda Premium
.I typed out a reply to you ... and it disappeared! I must have hit the cancel button or something. I will try to redo it in a shorter form.
Just before I read your comment above I was asking myself if I had been away too long. Yes, according to Amazon. They voided my Store ID do to lack of sales. My attitude has to be that this gives me a chance to change the little store around to maybe make it profitable. Perhaps I monetized too fast. They have given me another chance and a new ID so I am going to do my best to earn it and get selling.
Your words were exactly what I needed right now so thank you. Tomorrow I will work on Amazon and try to figure out how to update my ID.
I was reading some of the wonderful FEEL GOOD material on your site last night. Next time I will try to remember to comment.
You were the first female to say hello to me when I joined. Everyone is warm and helpful, however, when I think of the one person who seems to help others the most with their questions here at WA, I think of you and that is saying a lot. I also have noticed that I see you giving more words of encouragement to others than anyone else here and that is really saying a lot as well.
Thank you for the boost and for being here, Deirdrie. I hope I spelled your name right this time. I copied Rob as I figured he would know better how to spell it with his background. Please let me know if it is in error as I changed it on the blog as well!
upsgirl Premium
HAHA...spelling doesn't!

You're lucky to have the Amazon second chance! Many don't get that!

So, you're going to tackle the Amazon project...if you're having trouble with the links, use this... I enjoy my WA time and helping others so thank you for your praises!

As you know, I'm here for you!!!