The Science of Happiness

Last Update: May 8, 2018

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It seems that Happiness has attracted attention of scientists and even the governments in some countries. As you probably know, some countries are having Ministers of Happiness and their job responsibilities are no laughing matter. Since 2011, on 20 March, the world is celebrating International Day of Happiness.

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University’s Earth Institute said “Happiness is of interest right now, because there is better and better evidence that it can be meaningfully measured and meaningfully affected.”

It is interesting to know what makes people happy. Researches have been working hard to find the answer. Based on surveys, researchers found that quite a few people don’t know what makes them happy.

Among those who knew the answer, the following replies were most common:

  • Solid relationships – healthy family, romantic involvement, or friendship;
  • Engaging ways to spend time – interesting work, hobbies, volunteering, and even challenges associated with these activities;
  • Social behavior – participation in the community events, caring about other people, active lifestyle.

It is confirmed that being 69 and older is the happiest time for many people. It can be explained that the people in their 70s have solid life experience and good knowledge about themselves, and can enjoy different events at most.

Positive thinking substantially contributes to happiness: being grateful, optimistic, kind, and considering yourself a lucky person – all this creates the flow of positive energy and supports well-being and overall joy. It is so simple and natural, and it does not require many resources. What we need is to remember and practice it. And we all will be much happier.

Recent Comments


Sharing happiness is a great way of making happy.
I believe it translates in one word: contentment

What a nice comment. And so true.

No matter what happens...

What is luck
What is lack of luck?

Ohh! Interesting. Luck - I think it is a combination of different factors which make something great happening. Sometimes, it could be coincidental.
Actually, I don't know... just trying to make up.

With contentment

No luck
No lack of luck

I am glad to read I am in my happiest time at the moment (age wise). Although it doesn't always feel that way especially with the number of friends funerals I attend!

I am happy when I am here posting and helping others so the happy times do outweigh the less happy times.


I am getting there too... It feels good when you are 60... I think that I was too busy all my life... Now, I started to see some light, I am enjoying my life... still busy but not overwhelmed... Thank you for reading the post.

You're welcome.


Very well said! Thank you for the reminder to practice "positive thinking" and being happy!

Thank you. I am happy you liked the post.

Interesting, thanks. Ministers of Happiness is a killing thing! People are so funny sometimes...:)

Yes... I know few countries... Maybe they will make all people happy

Are those Asian countries? Or, on the contrary, Denmark, Sweden- they usually top the lists of happiness ratings...An interesting topic, anyway...;)

Yes, and some Mid-east countries. Scandinavian countries are the most stable with excellent social security. People have a good reason to be happy there.


Wonderful post.

Thank you. Glad you liked it.

You are always welcome. Keep up the good work.

Interesting. I agree gratitude is a huge influencer on happiness. Yes we all want more, we strive for our own definition of success and we look to the future with hope (and hopefully a plan).

But we can be grateful for what we have now and in doing so be happy on the journey to something more. This doesn’t mean we have to settle for our lot in life, in fact you will progress faster and produce more quality when you are happy.

Thank you for the interesting input. Yes, we can do much more and better when we are happy.

Indeed. With age comes maturity!

Yes... I am much happier now...

Super post, thanks for sharing Najda, best Alan

Thank you so much. I am happy you liked it.

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