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Last Update: Apr 30, 2018

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As members of WA community, we are learning new things on a daily basis. Nowadays, learning is not only about reading and listening; learning is happening in a variety of ways, and every person can choose the most effective ways of learning.

In pedagogy, there are 7 most popular ways of learning, and they are divided into 2 groups: passive learning and active learning.

The following 4 learning methods belong to passive learning:

  • Listening to lectures – learners can recall 5% of the information;
  • Reading – very important and popular method of learning, and learners retain 10% of knowledge;
  • Watching video recording – the method gains popularity and it helps to retain 20% of the knowledge;
  • Practical demos show how to do something, they help to remember significantly more than in the above mentioned methods – up to 30% of the information.

Another group of learning methods is called active learning, and it is more efficient than passive learning. This is why passive learning methods should be enhanced by active learning. The implementation of active learning is more demanding, but the end result is always better:

  • Group discussions help to retain up to 50% of the information;
  • Real life experience helps to learn fast and develop professional competencies – learners can retain 75% of knowledge;
  • Teaching others things you have experienced in real life helps to retain 90% of knowledge; it is the most effective way of learning.

I just want to point out that there is no a single learning method which works effectively for all people. Each person is different and learns different things in different ways. And to make our learning more effective and successful, it is good to know what are the methods which match to our personal learning preferences.

Recent Comments


Great insight on learning methods and I agree. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for stopping by. I am happy you find it interesting.

It is wonderful to be the member of such a community which has great people to get connected with. I like learning new things, money will come later when it is time to come.

Agree 100%. WA community supports learning by creating tutorials, initiating discussions, and helping to resolve the issues.

Wow, passive learner all the way didn’t know this about myself. Thank you for sharing.

We all are unique, and we can decide what learning style fits each of us the best. Thank you for reading.

All so true. I am not the smartest cookie in the jar when it comes to the internet. I use repetition to learn best as I am an old bugger.

We all have different learning preferences. This is just wonderful.
Thank you for the input.

I love the WA resources and the input and training from the WA members. Everyone has a different way of presenting the training which makes learning so fun and easy!

Yes, WA has created a wonderful learning environment to meet learning preferences of different people.
Thank you for the input.

Teach as you learn, learn as you teach.

Teaching is a way to enhance your knowledge
Thank you for your comment.

Teach as you learn, learn as you teach.

Great to know different methods of learning.
Thanks for sharing it here.

Thank you for the comment. Learning can be done in multiple ways and in different environments. It is why it is so important to transform our educational system.

Much toted in WA, failing is also learning!

Agree, failing is a learning. It is why we need to accept our failures, analyze the reasons, and move forward.
Thank you for your valuable input.

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