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Last Update: August 23, 2018

Such a wonderful family

Sure, I focus on working, there is no time to waste in my very busy offline and online life. However, from time to time I have to read how my friends are, what they are doing, if I can help here and there.

Today I came across the following comment from someone I haven't known up to now:

"Hi Kyle,

You impress me no end with your kind thoughtfulness in explaining so much detail and answering most of our questions before we must even ask them. Thank you, so very much, for caring and being so helpful to us newbies. We truly appreciate you and all of your work.


I know it is annoying to emphasize how much I feel the same. I don't get used to this feeling. It makes me so happy again and again.

As I observe my children growing and how touched I am in every transition period. I realize that I probably go through the same process since I joined this community.

I have been growing from scratch here for... well almost one year in two days. Yes, how time flies!

Will you allow me an analogy with the animal world ?

Just to make you understand how I feel this experience.

Think about how a lobster develops. A lobster is an elastic creature that lives inan inflexible shell that does not grow.

As the lobster develops its shell ends up keeping him too tight.

To manage this difficult issue, the lobster creeps under a stone where it feels safe from savage fish, pushes off its shell, and grows another one.

For the duration of its life it rehashes the procedure.Again and again the lobster grows past its shell and goes into transitory safe confinement until the point when it builds up another shell that is secure and agreeable.

Once upon a time, Kyle encouraged us to think out of the box, to go out of our comfort zone, which feels to me like becoming aware of the tightness of the actual situation, getting rid of the familiar and protective corset for a while. But hew, then delivered to the big webspace, facing the immensity of the unknown I really need to know that I am safe and covered. I can dive deeply in the Wealthy Affiliate Family gathering all the necessary informations, receiving all I need to create a website and let it go to continue its growth outside still receiving so much care and support.

I came to YOU, in appearance because I needed to make money, probably because life advised me that I needed an opportunity for change. I didn't know if I might be legitimate or even if I was on the wrong track. But I knew for sure that I could trust YOU, because of this kind thoughtfulness which is reflected all over the concept of this University, allowing everyone to develop and take a step on his transformative procedure.

What an adventure ! The best, well after my kids...

So if you want to grow you will be well advised to choose the right family, one you can trust all along the way and give your creations birth in a safe and carrying place.

Smiling kindly and gratefully at YOU,

I put this one under success post, because, well, it is a kind of success to achieve this place, won't you agree Kyle, Carson, Jay and everyone?

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Peihoo Premium
Hi Anne,

Truly unique and informative. This is an awesome article. Wishing you all the best.

N33 Premium
Hello Peilhoo,

Glad you liked it. I hope you are enjoying your creations too.

Best day for you,
Pernilla Premium
Salut Anne!
Tu as absolument vrai!
WA is a wonderful family, a fantastic culture where we can grow and develop our mind and skills! Love it!

Wonderful to have you here!
N33 Premium
Salut Pernilla,

So nice to read your lines. How is your business growing? Are you recording some videos?

Today is a super rainy day, just right to work hard before the weekend.

See you soon,
Pernilla Premium
Thank you, Anne for your kind reply.

Slowly but surely it grows, continuesly working on my business.
No, I haven't recorded any videos. I'm a bit too shy yet. Must build up my confidence first. Are you making videos?

Yes, today is a perfect day for working inside. Grateful for a cool down. Our garden is happy.

Have a wonderful working day!
N33 Premium
Yes, I am playing around with the videos, working on my shyness too...
MKearns Premium
You're a very important part of the WA family Anne!
N33 Premium
Oh, thank you, Mike, for popping up and for the words. They are always very important to me.

We are all so well here. I receive feedback from people who have built a website for nothing and then get hosted for very cheap and they were so happy about that, learning how to do from YouTube and after a while, here come the problems with the website, no support, loneliness, no trusted place, no benevolent people.

There is a period of vulnerability which can be lived here and allow us to grow with each trial step. Each encouragement and help as small as they can appear make the difference.

We don't have to quit swallowed by the profit-making mentality of the business, disappointed by the hard reality of the competitive mind.

We just can be ourselves and grow in person and in business, creating websites that make sense in our lives.

And sure, I need to know I can lean back on my WA family and expect the best.

A while ago I remember you writing about a new website. Are you doing fine?

Wishing you a very good day in the meanwhile,
ToniP2 Premium
As a newbie it is so reassuring to see how you feel after being with WA for a year. Thank you for sharing.
N33 Premium
Hello Toni,

Thank you for stopping by. You are right, it is important to know that the excitement at the beginning won't last only for a couple of months, because growing a business takes time and concentration. So being solidly grounded and surrounded within a friendly space is not obvious everywhere. This is why I cherish this community.

I hope you are doing fine, I will follow you from now on.

FrankB44 Premium
I agree with you 100%, Anne! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. The membership fee at WA is MUCH less expensive than a therapist! Lol
N33 Premium
Hello Frank,
Oh yes, I agree, less expensive and more fun!