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Joined November 2018
I actually had quite a bit of success with "SEO" pre panda and penguin!

I followed a plan called Backlink battle plan. This worked great!
So I'm capable of following a plan to make money!

And make some good money until the bottom dropped out! That was all with adsense.

Previous to that I did the 30 day challenge with zero results.

No luck with list building or I would have a list right.

So now I am retired, but I have a janitorial job that pays six hundred a month. I would like to replace that with something online.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
$600 a month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
as little as possible!!!!
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Nov 22, 2018
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mytreebark Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
$600 a month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
as little as possible!!!!
HBajwa Premium
Best of luck.this is good choice.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Tom, I know you will achieve your goals. As you start seeing more progress and results, you will be able to spend more time on your business.

When I started out online, I had limited time because I was in school full time and I was able to achieve "full time" status within the online business world in a year. I totally understand that we all have "time" issues in life, but I absolutely know you can do the same and accomplish the same sort of success!

Take action on the training here, immerse yourself within the community, and ask for help when you need it. This is your sure path to your own personal goals and successes Tom! :)
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Good luck on your Journey.
Merry Christmas
If you ever need help just message me
Shoot for the stars and you will hit the moon
Shoot for the stars anyways
You might just get there
Dream Big
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bella2018 Premium
Hi mytreebark! I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your decision to upgrade your membership with WA to premium status. I did the same about 6 weeks ago and I certainly have no regrets. I cam to WA as a complete "newbie" and didn't have a clue about developing a website or affiliate marketing. Since that time, I have been able to develop my site, have it ranked by Google and am now having traffic to the site. The support you will get here is amazing. There is always someone available to help you with questions or when you get stuck. If I can do this, then I know you can too! Let me know if I can ever assist, even though I am still a "newbie". Best of success to you!
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hi and welcome to premium.
You will find so much more here than just the excellent training.
This is also a community all helping each other succeed in our endeavours.
Have a look around the website and you will see live events. These are recorded and if you adjust the date at the top, you will see previous ones.
If you have a question type in one or two word topics at the top search bar and you will see questions, blogs and member trainings as well.
I recommend that you find out what is behind every tab and keep looking. There is so much here and the great majority of people spend a lot of time helping others move forward. If you cannot find an answer, All you need to do is ask.
Enjoy this wonderful community.

free4life Premium
Welcome to premium, this is such a wise move on your part. 
Let me tell you why; 

1) you have just taken a huge step towards securing the future you want.
2) There is no better training available 
3) The community here ROCKS, but you already know that 
4) It shows just how serious you are about making a change Keep up the great work, so glad you found WA 🏆

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)
smartketeer Premium
Hi Tom,

Thanks for following :)

If you need some help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

And if you are interested in a particular topic, just type "Posts and training by smartketeer" into the search bar to access the categorized & daily updated "register" of all my blogs and training materials.

To YOUR success!

JVanDerLaan Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Tom!

John here from http://Jvanderlaan.com. I'm glad to see you've signed up and are ready to get started building your online business.

Right now, there are just two super important things you need to know.

1) If you ask questions and interact with the community you are far more likely to see results with your business. The support here at WA is the best in the internet marketing industry...please take advantage of it.

2) You can access me for 1-on-1 support by leaving a message on my profile https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jvanderlaan or by responding directly to this message.

There are a ton of other features worth exploring, but they are explained in the main training. Time to get started on the first lesson!

PS. Did you know that you'll already have your website built by lesson 4? Crazy, I know!

Before you go, can you please respond to this message so I know you made it inside the community? I'd like to connect with you so I can keep an eye out for your questions this week.

mytreebark Premium

Was actually looking for hosting for two web sites, so when I saw your e-mail about hosting for two web sites for free I was definitely intrigued.

JVanDerLaan Premium
Hi Tom,

You can host two websites on the siterubix domain for free. These are best for learning how to build websites.

WA has awesome hosting for premium members. You can host up to 25 websites and the hosting is lightning fast and comes with free SSL. I currently have about a dozen sites hosted here and I love the hosting.

Everything is included in one place which takes all of the headache out of hosting your WordPress websites.

Hope this helps!