Knowledge is very Important!

Last Update: April 27, 2017

I love learning new things! I feel that we can never learn enough and there is no such thing as too much knowledge! No matter our age we can always learn something new.

In todays world knowledge is one of the keys to success. If we have knowledge it can lead us to be successful because gaining knowledge can be hard work and that in turn makes us work harder to be successful!

This can be applied to our personal lives, as well as our businesses. If you don't have the knowledge to do something there is someone out there that does have that knowledge and will get it done.

New things can be learned and knowledge can be gained in many ways. Three of these ways include:

  1. Through past experiences, we can all learn something from our past. Whether it is something good or bad from our past it can either teach us things that we never want to do again or things that help us to be stronger and more knowledgeable.
  2. From others, as we all know here at WA the best way to get knowledge from others is by asking questions. Even if you think your question is "a dumb question" you have to ask a question in order to get a response and receive that knowledge. (Even though I believe there is no such thing as a dumb question I have seen people post this when they post a question.)
  3. Trial and error, this is one way I tend to learn a lot. If you stick with something even if you don't get it right away you will eventually learn from your errors and find the right way to get it done.

Also in order to gain new knowledge you have to stick to it. There is always something specific we would all like to learn. Some of the best ways to learn this new thing is to:

  1. Set a schedule for when you would like to learn this new thing. This helps you to stay focused and determined to accomplish learning this new thing because you have set a schedule for yourself of when you want it done.
  2. Study and practice, I feel this one is perfect for all of us here at WA. Since studying all the training provided to us and practicing our blogging techniques and building our websites, we learn new things everyday.
  3. Motivate yourself, you will be able to learn more if you reward yourself. This can be something small such as if I learn how to add a new feature to my website I will give myself a small break to eat one of my favorite snacks. It can also be something big such as if I learn a new language in two months I will treat myself to a vacation. Either way small or big motivation and rewarding yourself can help you learn new things.
  4. Apply your skills since the more you apply your knowledge or skills the more you can expand on this knowledge or skill.

Now let's all be great today and gain some new knowledge!!


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Inacaliyare Premium
Dear Makayla
Obviously I have learnt to you at this time how I can be a determined knowledge seeker,; thanks for your outstanding and influential manner to convince every intellectual person who is seeking for the path of life succeed
MVP1990 Premium
Hello and your very welcome! :) Yes everyone can expand their knowledge if they put their mind to it. I am glad you found my post helpful!
ThomasPye Premium
Nice post, thank you for sharing.
MVP1990 Premium
Thank you I am glad you like my post! Your very welcome! :)
AlexEvans Premium
Well said Makayla some very good advice.
MVP1990 Premium
Thank you I am glad you like my post!
accad Premium
You really have the power Makayla.
MVP1990 Premium
Thank you!! :)
HalimNajm Premium
Love it.
MVP1990 Premium
I am glad thank you for reading it and commenting! :)