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Last Update: May 04, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Long time, no see... um.. or ...chat. Been busy with personal issues, but hey, we've all "been there" - right? Anyway, in my recent travels, I have come across a new Affiliate Program for Social Media that links to your social media accounts, and they are willing to pay the first one million people who join and refer out. Depending on the level you join, they are also willing to pay up to 5 degrees of separation out... So, your friend tells their friend, tells their friend, tells their friend, and tells their friend.. and you can get paid for all who refer 5 levels deep. So, here's a quick blog post about it below. The new networking site has over 4 million members now, and growing. Below, there is a link to go to my page and I also have a video there. As it states, it's by invitation only (for now). For more info, click around the site and you can even go to the "about" link at the bottom... Then JOIN!

Hare are a few links on the subject: https://msmoneyhoney.com/webtalk

and the other for more info: https://buildpassiveincomeandwealth.com/webtalk

New Updated Info (April 29, 2020): Now, there's a Free Cash Rewards for those who decided to join for free. So, I'll put the new video on my blog page as well for you to enjoy!

We're in it to win it!

To Your Success!

~Ms. Money Honey

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MsMoneyHoney Premium
Oh, whoops.. I forgot, there's also a revenue share where they pay you... for life!
CarlaNavarro Premium
Where do you find the revenue percentages, and how they pay out?
I was ready to start it last night until that happened to me.
MsMoneyHoney Premium
Hi, I just put on a new home page on my blog post. You can join for free. The payouts are, I believe, once a month, and they are working on a PayPal link so payment can go direct to your PayPal account. They also have Stripe and one other. I'll be waiting for the PayPal link, myself. The revenue payout is 10%, but they also have a pie share thing that I'm also just learning about... so, I apologize. It has to do with how much you share, and they are also working on future advertising revenue, so you'll get a piece of that too... in the future. Check out the new video, and click the tabs at the top as well. ...I'm learning too! Catch you there!
CarlaNavarro Premium
Hi there can you resend me the link plz.
I accidently erased and want yo sugn up tonite.
Thank you
MsMoneyHoney Premium
Hi again Carla,
Sure, here is another blog post with the Join WebTalk link posted at the bottom: https://BuildPassiveIncomeandWealth.com/webtalk. Thank you, and I hope to see you there!
rjkennedy Premium
Thanks for sharing my friend!
Tirolith Premium
Yes, I was paid $108 the other month.
JackieB830 Premium
Welcome back Toni, thanks for sharing.

All the best

cbmercado Premium
Try a refresh