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Last Update: September 08, 2016

"Oops, it happened again!" Well, it did... So, I thought I'd write a little blog to address the "oops" moment some newer members are experiencing.

Scenario 1) I've seen questions posed here on the WA forum asking why their blog site is not earning money. Ok, that's a valid question. And, here is how I have personally responded to this occasional question:

"Please provide your URL so that we may look it over and share our thoughts."

Okay, yes, I'm poking some fun with the newbies... forgive me. But, yes, people do forget to share their URLs when asking for help. And, after they provide their URL and after looking over their site, there's a very good reason why it's not earning money... and, back to that thought in a moment...

Scenario 2) I have also seen, on a few occasions, people who are hesitant to "publish" their site because they think it's "not ready yet." Beginners seem to think their site is going to go viral within a week, everyone will see it, and it's not "perfect" yet.

Well, I'm here to tell you that - no, it doesn't happen quite like that. You do have to publish posts and pages in order to be indexed by search engines.. in order to build a readership and for people to even begin to find your site with all of its fabulous content... Keeping it hidden will delay your success.

Scenario 3 - The Winner!) But the real kicker is the combination of both: I am not ready to "officially publish" my site yet... and oh by the way, can you tell me why isn't my site earning any money?

Hmmm.. Well, let's first address some of the newbie fallacies and/or beginner mistakes:

  1. Your site and its content will never be "perfect." So, yes, you do need to publish in order for people to actually "find" it..
  2. Your site will not be going viral anytime soon. You need to build your readership base. No need for "perfection," you have time...
  3. And, yes, last but certainly not least, you DO need to MONETIZE your site in order for it to earn money.

Yes, there are newbies who have sought help and/or have actually complained that their site is not earning any money, but, after looking over their site, they have no services being offered, no products, or no ads.

While it's great to learn how to build a blog, how to help people with your content, how to optimize it, and get all the ongoing help needed here at Wealthy Affiliate, all of this information and all of your effort won't earn a dime if you don't monetize it.

Yes, it's true!

The owners here at WA have provided the training on how to build a blog site, and newbies really should follow along with the courses and lessons provided.

It's great once you finish the courses and lessons and continue to tweak your site for improvements here and there, but no, even a well designed site full of content will not earn a dime without offering your services, affiliate links, or ads placed somewhere. So, here's Rule # 1 on "Making Money Blogging - for Beginners:"

Make Sure You Have Your Site Monetized!

If you are providing a "service," then you need to create the link on how to contact you, or use Skype, webinars, or whatever in order to provide that service.

If you are promoting affiliate links, then yes, you need to apply to these sources, and get the links up as soon as possible.

If you are going to earn money with Ads, then, yes, you need to apply to these sources and get your ad code up.

If you are going after all of the above - you still need to do each step and get your site monetized in order to make money.

And, yes, that's how you "make money blogging - for beginners!"

Otherwise, "Thank You" for setting up this whole site, and spending all this time just so that I can read and learn from all of your fabulous content. Now that I know, I wonder where I can get one of those...

The short message is this: "PUBLISH and MONETIZE" your site so that you, too, can make money blogging even if you are a beginner!

P.S. - If you want to learn how to get started, it's easy - just click the "Get Started" button on the left side, and I'll see you on the "inside!"

P.P.S. - If you think you're late to the party, think again... Here's an article that may provide you with some motivating thoughts: Affiliate Marketing is expected to grow to 6.8 Billion over the next 5 years! (Source:

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Ultimateless Premium
People do forget, you don't get paid for turning have to do something not just to earn money but in the long term, earn people's respect....
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Bingo, hit the nail on the head and drive it home, thank you. No it's buts or maybes.
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
MsMoneyHoney Premium
You're welcome! ...but it is funny. It has happened a few times now... Sometimes I just want to ask them if they have mental telepathy capabilities... If so, then, sure, they won't need links! lol..
vanbot Premium
Love this, so very true of all us newbies, but without you,and your posts, and we cannot forget Kyle and Carson, how would we learn, thanks for this post, it is the kick in the butt we all need at times, seriously:-))Steph
MsMoneyHoney Premium
Yes! ..kick, kick... get your links up! :)
MPollock Premium
Great post, and pure facts.