The Power of Positivity

Last Update: March 02, 2017

These three words changed a life. Could they be the three for you?
"Be somebody, Abel"

As Abe Lincoln's dying Mother spoke these words to her son I started to think about the words we use. What words do we use with our children OR for ourselves? The Power of Positivity is amazing. We all know what Abraham Lincoln did.

We all have the power within us to create and change what want and desire for our own lives. We might not think so due to the words spoken to us growing up but today we can change that. Today, Be Somebody_________!

We have the power to inspire or to suppress or depress, to lift others up or to push them down. We should therefore be very careful with our words. Spoken or written for others and within our own minds.

5 ways to think about how you can empower you, your children or another human being are in:

1. Courage: Believe enough in yourself or others to cheer them (you) on when times get tough. When the times get tough the tough get going but that doesn't mean they don't a cheerleader.

2. Appreciation: When you uplift and show appreciation for someone they feel that they belong, that they are on the team. It helps to build confidence, and it has done this for me so I say thank you. We never know when someone really needs our encouragement.

3. Love: The Power of Love could change our world but for today let's just always think in terms of Love. Think about how you would like to be treated and share the same way.

4. patience: (Is key in learning, working and waiting) Do Not leave before your ship has come in! Slow down to go Fast and do not worry about how fast or slow you are going compared to others.

5. imagination: Is all powerful in that it encourages newness to everything. Without imagination we would not have the power of the Internet or all the opportunities available to us. Without imagination we would not grow.

Today, I encourage you to believe in yourself More than ever before. You have a dream and you have a need or a want to fulfill. Go and discover what can work for you. What is your best fit and always remember to never assume anything about anything. ASK first.
Be patient in your journey of learning here at Wealthy Affiliate. Before the money comes knowledge and then taking action on that knowledge to build and grow your dreams.

Remember to accept you as you and learn to laugh at yourself and grow from your mistakes. If it is not working as planned CHANGE the plan. It is never quitting just changing the path you are taking to reach your destination which is called SUCCESS.
Wishing each and everyone one the best of the best always in All Ways! Share and like if this was any kind of encouragement for you. I would really appreciate the gesture. Now go have an awesomely wonderful day!


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Calmkoala Premium
An inspiring post! I think you make a good point about comparisons, as so many people measure their self worth by comparing themself to others and finding themselves wanting. Many thanks, Sue :)
MsMerry Premium
No, thank you, Sue for taking the time to read and comment today.
WAwannab Premium
Totally agree! Absolutely our words make a difference in every aspect of our lives (and) the lives of those around us. We do effect much of our world by the words we use. The example was set for us many years ago when the whole world was made from the words God spoke: (Genesis 1:3 And God said ...)
MsMerry Premium
Yes, it was wasn't it Randy. Great reminder, thank you! And thank you for reading my post and commenting. It is appreciated
KatherineN1 Premium
"Let there be light" and there was light.
jtaienao Premium
Thank you Merry. Very good points.
MsMerry Premium
Thanks for being here Jerome.
DShensky Premium
you make some good points on how to stay positive
MsMerry Premium
Thanks Davida for being here and reading my post today. We just too often get bogged down in our own wrote it for that too.
GaryJr Premium
Well said.
Thanks for sharing.
MsMerry Premium
Thank you Gary. Much appreciated