Measurement Methodology Report

Last Update: August 02, 2015

It is my first post about what I am doing so far, and thanks to Stephanie Hill and her very good article in WA here it is.

First, I must share with you the Measurement Methodology article from Steph.

It opened my eyes and mind about the time spent in all things related with the work we all do between WA and our sites, and also the way we divide the amount of effort in all our tasks.

I found I was spending to much time in some tasks and not paying attention to other, like doing WA training regularly.

Now I'm back on track and that is all thanks to Steph. Thank you very much Stephanie.

I'm now beginning the third month with WA, I have two sites, one Affiliate Site and one niche site. The first one is 90% ready and running, and the niche site is in the beginning. My Affiliate site is in Portuguese, my native language, and I decide to go forward with it because I saw potencial in the user base that is available to contact. If you want to see it please visit, and tell me something about it.

Found I am spending much more time than I anticipated between sites and WA, but following all advices I read and received from many members, I know giving up is not an option. With the training provided and all the work done, the results will come, sooner or later.

Thank you all members for inspiring me.


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TopAchiever Premium
Thank you for sharing your progress with us. Hope you are managing to keep up with the training.
mrwood Premium
I am trying to manage my time and tasks, so I can fulfill all the work needed to be performed in my sites and to attend training. I think I can do that with all the help I am getting from the
Thank you for your comment.
Best regards,