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September 04, 2015
Dear all:I've now completed my third month as premium member. It is time to share my progress so far and what are my objectives from now on.I'm starting the Entrepreneur Certification Course 3 and at the same time I am attending Affiliate Bootcamp Course 2 Lesson 3. So far so good. I have two sites, one WA affiliate site in my native language, Portuguese, and a niche site about Digital Cameras.In the affiliate site I have 10 content pages and one post. I need to improve in the posts side, but f
It is my first post about what I am doing so far, and thanks to Stephanie Hill and her very good article in WA here it is.First, I must share with you the Measurement Methodology article from Steph. opened my eyes and mind about the time spent in all things related with the work we all do between WA and our sites, and also the way we divide the amount of effort in all our tasks.I found I was spending to much time in some tasks and not paying
For the ones who could get confused in Kyle's video in Lesson 6, course 2, Getting Crafty with the WordPress Editor, about the button "Align Full" and what it does, it simply does the same as "Justify" in text editors, so the text is displayed well aligned at left side and at right side at the same time. I prefer to use this instead of using just "Align Left", cause I feel this setting is better for seeing the overall page and also for reading. Regards,Mike.