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Last Update: November 23, 2015

Ok, so I finally figured out that pages and posts are the same thing(EDIT:not the same thing, but did misunderstand the use of pages and posts for 3weeks till I figured out how this really works) That helped a lot.

Have deleted my posts and categories, and started over making the menu Into pages, wrote one post and added pic, link and allowed for comments In It. Not sure If I should use "admin" mail or "Kristian" mail address at the bottom of the page? I will answer comments logged In as Kristian, so maybe that`s the mail I should use as well..hmmm

Will be happy about any feedback regarding the content on page "affiliate working" If It explains what`s needed and In a way that Is possible to understand (this Is showed as my recent post until I have more pages or posts ready). Now that I have figured out more about wp as well, I`ll work on better outlay If you have any suggestions?.

The Header title keeps changing font, so I will try and cusomize a header Image Instead.

Not sure If my titles On the page and the font size and type Is the correct tu use...

Will continue In the morning, It`s 2 In the night here now,

good night and see u around:)


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MarionBlack Premium
Pages and posts are NOT the same thing. Read this from
MrWhite5 Premium
sry my bad there, I didn`t mean the same thing:) That`s what I thought before(or that their functions was more alike than they are), and I used to think that you had to write all content In posts, and then put them In pages. I couldn`t make that happen, so I changed all my pages Into categories:D I have read a lot about the functions and differences lately, and just recently changed my menu to pages again:)
The link you shared was even better explained than what I have found, and now I am sure how to make subpages and blogroll and also got an even better understanding of It all:) thanks a lot, you are always a great help!
fyre Premium
I thought you were misunderstanding still too until I kept reading. Marion is awesome and a really great mentor!
MrWhite5 Premium
Yes, she Is everywhere...and with great help as well- so she sure Is:) I think I got It now:)
fyre Premium
It took my so long to get "posts" and pages" straight in my head.

I totally was overthinking that one ha.

I'm not sure about the text issue.

First things first though. Your page took a long time to load on my laptop and seemingly even longer on my mobile.

Mobile responsiveness is key these days...responsiveness in general really.

We have to check the reviews for our themes, the responsiveness, how often the theme gets updated and is it well supported in general?

Pj, does a better job of explaining what I mean here: Also, I've seen another person with this theme as well with even more distracting side graphics (I'm assuming we call it graphics?! ha)

Although your text frame is less distracting then the psychedelic bricks they once had but, it's still distracting my eyes away from your content.

I'll stop there so I don't keep writing a book here heehee. I hoe you get a great night of rest!
MrWhite5 Premium
Feel free to write a book!

Ok, my laptop Is a little slow on loading most I don`t get to check It In a good way myself. I will look for a new theme from advice from MarionBlack earlier, because of a header-title bug and from you about the resposiveness.

Thanks for the link, I will read It as soon as I get some sleep:) 7 In the morning now, and eyes wide open. Not always easy to sleep after to many hrs at the computer:)
I agree with the text frame, It`s the only one I found for free at that time, so I just left It there till I find something better, or maybe It would be better without a frame? have a wide site? yeah, that might be a good Idea!

Will search for a theme with better response, and I do appreciate your response. Feel free to make any suggestions.

thanks for ur help!
Have a great day!
ps: I know what u mean about writing a book...happens to me all the time;)
MrWhite5 Premium
what I need Is a little lighter site, and a frame that Is very light as well....I need something very different.It`s clean and simple, but doesn`t look pro at all....looks like It`s homemade by an amateur (which It Is) but that`s not what I`m looking for:)
fyre Premium
Maybe I can help you search for a new theme when I'm working tomorrow : )
MrWhite5 Premium
any help will be highly appreciated. I will try out some tonight. Will read some about themes, and the link you sent me later on today:)