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January 27, 2016
Hi there my friends,I have just started on a new site, and having alot of tech Issues ofcourse.I think the solution for the future would be to go for a paid (pro) Theme.However, I have fixed a couple of Issues and the page Is starting to take shape.Feel free to take a look, and I`m very happy for any comments regarding how responsive It Is. I have Installed an app so I could add share buttons and also a 'related post' segment. This will slow down the loading speed a little. (It Is also better t
January 05, 2016
Busy December, and some flu, and a neeed break from all the new Info, but I`m still here:)Working on a new page, which Is what I really wanted to do all along. I will post It when It`s done. All the knowledge, and contacts here from WA have been crucial for making this site happen.Wish you all the best of luck, and a fantastic new and best year ever:)-Kristian
December 11, 2015
I have edited and added some on my pages, and want to start writing some posts very soon. If any of you have the time to check out my pages, or one of them, I would be very happy about a comment about them, and what you feel needs to be added/better explained.I feel a couple of them are Incomplete, but maybe good enough to start writing some www.affiliateworking.comCheers!-Kristian
November 26, 2015
Dont`t give up!!!Yes It`s frustrating when there Is something you don`t undestand, or It didn`t work out the way you planned It to. Will that change your dreams? Have you never had a bad day at work? never??? sure you have, and you had to get through It so you could keep your job, and receive your lousy paycheck. You go home complaining about It till you have finished your dinner.NOW you are ready again, feeling good, noone can touch you - you are the BOSS with big letters! I will go to work to
November 23, 2015
Ok, so I finally figured out that pages and posts are the same thing(EDIT:not the same thing, but did misunderstand the use of pages and posts for 3weeks till I figured out how this really works) That helped a lot.Have deleted my posts and categories, and started over making the menu Into pages, wrote one post and added pic, link and allowed for comments In It. Not sure If I should use "admin" mail or "Kristian" mail address at the bottom of the page? I will answer comments logged In as Kristia
November 19, 2015
Taking part In the community, Interacting with other members, trying to help them, asking for help, putting your site out there when you are still working on It.All of this will help you out a lot! I have learned so much from trying to help out others, and follow discussions on Live Chat (and other forums here within WA). The great community we have here,(and I think I say this In every blog-post), Is the key to learning and taking the next step. Looking at all the great websites, and getting f
November 17, 2015
I`m gonna change my menu from "categories" to "pages" as It Is more reader friendly.I had to use my day reading about oages/posts/categories etc, and I also got som good help from Kyle and Bret( he knows a lot about css and coding) He used many hours for me! to figure this out,That`s when you know you are at the right place. I Use 15 hrs or more every day to know and learn all I can about WP and WA, I have quit my job and gone all In! Registered a new firm In my name.I will never regret the dec
November 15, 2015
So..finally!I am ready to work on my website, and make It more professional.I have made some content (don`t pay to much attention to It, as It Is a work In progress and will be edited many times yet).So to learn more about WP and design/outlay/functions, I`m leaving the content for a while, and will work on the look for the next days. In that matter I have some questions to what you think about some of my ideas. Some of the things I`m thinking about:should I move comments to appear at the botto
What a GREAT experience so far!Signing up with WA Is the best decision I`ve done In a very long time! Not that I go around making bad decisions all the time, bur surely as the sun will rise (except from In the rainy Western part of Norway It seems). we all do make some along the way!The courses are great and easy to understand!The price Is low for all that Is provided AND you get to try It out for free!AND the great community here! The feedback from people, and owners are superb, It`s alm
Two last days have been mostly about troubleshooting In WP, It`s been a little frustrating, but hey..when you finally figure out or make some progress there - It`s so worth It. I`ve been asking questions here In the community as well as In WP forum. Even looked Into some basic coding for changes to header and stuff, but I`m not going there yet:) It`s just a part of the learning experience as you try and fail, and fail..and then try again -and THEN! So you learn other stuff than you are trying t