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December 31, 2021
Howzit to everyone here at WEALTHY AFFILIATE, well there you go, that's another year done and dusted, where does the time go. I would like to say thanks everyone for all the Help and Advice The Stories, The Training The Videos, The LaughterThe SadnessYou name it, we've had it all.I hope your 2022 will be Good to You .Be Prosperous, Be Well, Be safe.and enjoy the ride.Happy New Year"Bliadha Mhath Ur" "Slainte Mbath"Murray
November 26, 2021
Howzit to all here at Wealthy Affilaite.A short but sweet Post, just to say THANKS to everyone here at WA for all the help and encouragement. I hope you're all taking advantage of this Great "BLACK FRIDAY" DealHere in the UK we are well into BLACK FRIDAY, and as you see from above I received my Ticket to Work from Home in the Post. lolThat's me set up for Next Year.CheersMurray
Howzit to all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate. Long time no "SEE"I've been popping in and out, for last couple months just to make sure you are all still behaving.The last 4 months has been somewhat Stressful for my wife and I, we returned to the UK, and everything has been Topsy Turfy to say the least. I must admit I am struggling with Content, but all your messages keep me going, I am trying to get my Head right so I can get on with the writing.Fortunately I have been busy with Canva, I
Hello to One and All,Just a Short Note to say that I had an Email from Jay to say another Post of mine has been Indexed. I don't normally Post about this but it's nice to see..."Awesome news Murray!Your content published through SiteContent at Wealthy Affiliate has been found in Google! This means that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. This is amazing!"CheersMurray
August 22, 2021
Where has the time gone, never to be seen again.Yes I have been at Wealhty Affilate, 365 Days.Thanks to everyone, who has helped me in the Past, and I am sure in the Future.Your support, Blogs, Questions and Training ,keeps me going.Big Thanks to Carson, Kyle and the Support team, who are always at the Ready.To the next 365 Years and beyond.CheersMurray
HOWZIT Everyone,I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Eugene, who introduced me to the Video Making Site. This is my First rendering so please be gentle. I have surprised myself, although its easier than I make out, but practise makes perfect.If I had not joined WA, none of this would have happened, and I am extremely grateful for all the help, knowledge and guidance I have received from everyone here at WA.Hope it downloads, sorry had to delete not allowed to promote????Have a look and
I am in a Pickle with Google or Jaaxy, I am not sure who?? I like many others, having checked Jaaxy you find your Posts are on Page 1. I was thinking about sending them as a Good News Blog, but I did not, the ones here from last week. I have checked Daily and much the same Number 1Yahoo and Bing, then Bing and Google ,you know how it goes.The issue I have and I have asked this question before,is that on Google when I putin my address, it comesup with all my Post and states only 3 Pages, of cour
HOWZIT to all My Freinds.That's another BLACK FRIDAY been and gone , so what did I do , on Friday I sat down had a Nice Cup of Black Tea and made my Decision.IWENTPREMIUM + Then I had a Nice Whisky. Cheers Murray
Good Day All, well here we are into November already, where has the Year gone.There's a couple of things, I would like to Share, in fact there 's actually 3 Things that I would like to say and they all happened at the end of last week:-1) A Big Thank You to WA Site Support for the help and guidance they gave me so I could Transfer a Website of mine over to WA, learnt a Lot in Short Space of time. Thanks Guys2) That same Website was Indexed by Google, Nice Surprise.3) Another Post of mine has a
Well aren't you all Lucky, 2 Posts from me in one Week. I'll tell you my story, I have Published on to my Site on a number of occasions, from Site Content and I am Happy Looking at it when its in Site Content, but when it ends up WP the content can be all over the Place. I did sort the early one in Classic Editor, but I must admit not the best. It happened again so I tried Classic again, NO good so asked for help, got it tried again NO good. I thought I'm doing something wrong. So frustrated I