I'm done!

Last Update: April 04, 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy!

There are a few things I'd like to write about today since I'm not too active on WA lately, it sure has shown on my website that I've taken less of my time toward WA and more time giving my site the love it deserves.

I have stopped checking google analytics, search console and Bing so much, too. I figured I'd check about once a week to see if there's any progress but other than that, my time is fully dedicated to my site. Writing content, research for content, lessons and webinars.

Lately I've decided to write some content dedicated to the times we're all going through throughout the world and I've seen a positive jump in traffic due to the content subject and Pinterest. Man, do I ever LOVE Pinterest! Oh, and I have to give some love to Tailwind, too!

Check out the jump in traffic I've gotten from my last pin!

That's just from 1 pin! I was amazed when I saw this!

I know, it's not a lot but it's way more than I've ever gotten! It's a good sign that I'm doing something right and I look forward to having more of these surprises!

Now, about my rank here at WA. As I said, I haven't been active lately but something very odd happened. After the webinar yesterday I stuck around a little bit and noticed my rank went up, like A LOT! I absolutely have no idea how this happened without me even doing anything. I'm not complaining but I sure am confused!

I mean, how does that even happen? I was trying so hard to get into the top 50, doing everything possible, completely ignoring my site to get the top 50 rank. All of a sudden, I let it go and it shoots up more than 20 without me doing anything. I'm very intrigued as to how that happened but as I said, I'm not complaining!

Lastly, I did something today which is what has to do with the title of this blog post.

Are you ready? Here it is!


I'm so excited to be done! I was finally able to concentrate on my site so I was able to put out content and in doing so, finished OEC and got a surge in traffic! I'm walkin' on sunshine! And then, some way, somehow, my rank is almost top 50!

I will also be celebrating 3 months here soon in a few days, too!

Even though there's so much chaos going on everywhere in the world, I have so many things to be thankful for!

I won't even begin to list the things I'm thankful for because we'll all be here way too long! Lol

I feel good today!

I hope you're all feeling the same and trying to be happy and thankful for the little things, too!

Have an awesome weekend, WAmily!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home as much as possible!

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EdwinBernard Premium
Melissa, you are a ray of hope. Your progress in WA as well as your website is quite amazing. I wish you continued success.

Isn't is uncanny that when we step back a little good things seem to happen? Something similar happened to me too several months ago. I jumped up like 23 points in the ranks and had no idea how that happened! I still don't know, But I'm not complaining.

Glad you have your priorities right. All the best to you.

MRRSP Premium
Thank you so much for your kind words, Edwin! I appreciate it ☺️

Yup, you're right, nothing to complain about when you jump in rank without doing anything 😁
Stella741 Premium
Good to meet you...you can get in the top 50 by creating a thought-inspiring conversation of comments in at least 3 WA's members' blog posts a day.

But as you mention you're concentrating on your site and Pinterest traffic, that's brilliant too.

In fact it's even more important because that's where your bread and butter are going to come from.

While we're staying in, we might as well put our noses to the grindstone and spread good news. Especially since more people are online in English-speaking countries because of the lockdown.

Something good is coming out of this and it could be the difference between make or break.

Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
MRRSP Premium
Thanks for the tip, if I end up taking a break from site stuff I'll try that out. ☺️

For sure, I agree! I'm not at all saying that this virus is a good thing but it has given us with online businesses an advantage. It's also allowing families to spend more time together. ☺️
Jude81 Premium
Hi Melissa, your progress and achievements are quite impressive. I only wish I was there but I am travelling at a much slower pace🙃. Huge congratulations finishing your training. I can't believe you have done that within 3 months, wow. Good luck building out your business further, I am looking forwards to reading about your accomplishments and successes. Jude
MRRSP Premium
Thank you very much, Jude!

That's the great part about this business.. You do it at your own pace. I try to dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours a night on my site because I have that time to be able to do it. Some nights I was up till 3am working on my site.

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it!
Jude81 Premium
Yeah, that is true. I do the same but don't have as much time as I wish. I try to do as much as I can when the kids are asleep. I worked yesterday night till 2 I clock. I try to keep going until my eyes don't want to stay open. I have been a bit burned down the last few weeks so I was forced to slow down a bit. Take care to enjoy your continuation of building out your business. Jude. 😃
MRRSP Premium
Yep, I totally understand where you're coming from! Once in a while I have to take a couple days away from anything that has to do with working on my site because I get burnt out and start messing stuff up from being too tired to think straight.

Thanks, you take care, also! ☺️
chrisvs Premium
Congratulations on your achievements with your site. I have done much the same as you and spent most of my time researching and developing my site. I have added an e-commerce store to rectify my income quickly. The current crisis has devastated my income from my car rental affiliate site, So emergency measures have changed my original aims at WA, but glad to be in this community.
MRRSP Premium
Thank you, I appreciate it!

Sorry to hear that the current times are hurting your site! I'm glad you've found a way around that, though. Good thinking!
Dave07 Premium
Hi Melissa
Congratulations on getting the OEC completed - that's a big acomplishment. I'm sure your site will feel the benefit of it too.
You are right to focus on your site rather than WA rank. I'm doing the same too so my WA graphs are all heading in the opposite direction to yours! I'd rather my site graphs were going up than WA ones anyway!

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend

MRRSP Premium
Hey, Dave!

Thank you, I very much appreciated it!

Mine were all going down, too! I don't understand what happened because I didn't do anything to make them go up 🤷 lol

Maybe you'll get a surprise burst in rank, too lol who knows!

I hope you're getting some down time to relax!
Dave07 Premium
Hi Melissa
I was actually supposed to be on vacation at the minute and today would have been day 2 of a Caribbean cruise with my wife if things had been normal. Anyway, I decided to take a few days break before heading back to work next week. My colleagues are dropping like flies so I will be back to face it on Monday to help them out.
Gotta make the most of this time to get some work done!