Happy Friday!

Last Update: March 06, 2020

Happy Friday, WAmily!!

It has been such a productive day around the house today that I've barely been on WA all day!

I've been cleaning for about 6 hours to save myself from having to clean during the weekend and have a chance to relax! Man, have I ever accomplished that task! Now that that's done, I thought I'd take a break and come check out what was happening on here today.

As always, a lot of great posts to read and questions to check out! I hadn't realized my dashboard didn't update as I was checking through everything. I assumed that I had just stayed at the same rank but all of a sudden it refreshed!

I actually dropped 5 spots in rank! I'm at 80 today! 😎

There's another accomplishment I didn't even know about lol I was quite happy about that one too!

Then, tonight is another awesome webinar and then I will be finishing off the post I've been working on for my site!

I love how productive this day has been!

This weekend will be great for relaxing now that I've got all that under my belt. After doing groceries tomorrow it will be relax time for sure as mother nature is planning a nice big dump of 30cm of the cold white stuff!

YAY! <------ Yup, that's sarcasm 😭

Maybe if I go sing some nature songs outside like some kind of Disney Princess spring will magically show up! Lol

Probably not, I bet everything will flock because I sing worse than a broken record! 🤣🤣

Oh well, it's time to make supper now so I hope you all have an awesome, snowless weekend full of fun and happiness!

Take care!

Do you guys think you could sing spring into coming sooner?

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Dave07 Premium
Lol - what a fun post 😀
I can just imagine you singing outside like a Disney Princess - I suppose Snow White would be appropriate 😂

No snow here - just lots more rain forecast for later today so I’m heading out for a long walk with the dog before it arrives.

Have a great weekend

MRRSP Premium
Lol it's funny that you mention snow white. I was thinking about using her but then again. I want to get rid of the snow which is white so I want nothing to do with snow white! 😂

Lucky! I wish we had rain instead of snow! Man, I miss the rainy days 🌧️

Have a great weekend too, Dave!
Mick18 Premium
Sorry to hear about more snow. Yikes! But Heat Miser Jeff can help. 😉

Have a relaxing weekend,
MRRSP Premium

Ya, I'm really hoping heat mister Jeff can work some magic! Lol
drjec Premium
Happy Friday.
MRRSP Premium
Thanks, Jim! You too ☺️
Lydia19 Premium
Well, Melissa It sounds like you have earned a break. Have wonderful weekend.
MRRSP Premium
Thanks! I sure hope so ☺️

I hope you also have a wonderful weekend!
Lydia19 Premium
That you , you as well.
Carson2 Premium
Hi Melissa. We're getting snow. Also knocked out some "To do" things. Enjoy your weekend.
MRRSP Premium
Oh no! Not snow for you too! I hope you don't have as much in the forecast as we do! Glad you got some to dos knocked down, though ☺️

Thanks, enjoy your weekend, too!