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Last Update: January 12, 2019

Okay, am I the only one that switched from AWOL to Wealthy Affiliate? I was so down with awol, untill they were getting me to spend $14,000 for one year of coaching, and training. I was just about to say "YES! I'm onboard to go in dedt!!', when my husband showed me this website. I was litterly getting ready to refinance my house just to get started with awol. Now, no. Sorry, I do believe that it can work, but I am a working mom. Baby food and diapers are more important, than hoping that if I pay enough money; it to work....

Does that sound right to you?

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smartketeer Premium
Welcome to the family Monica!

Wise decision!

I suggest you to follow the training and all your questions will be answered. You should start here: And an upgrade is highly recommended to get access to all the benefits WA has to offer!

I am just starting out with the online marketing. At the moment I am unable to do the benefits. As I learn and become better. Will I be able to get the benefits at my own pace, or is it one of those; Get so far and a smack to the face, with added fees and Buy this before it ends? This feels like the smart idea, but so did Awol. I just want to make sure I am making the absolute right decision for my family and myself. Look forward to the training. Ready to do this!
smartketeer Premium
I'd suggest to follow the training and decide yourself :)
Wozhu Premium
1 year, $14,000, how terrible the number.

Although I have only been in WA for more than 1 month, I don't want to find an alternative. Here is very great.

Welcome to join.
That offer was only for ten days. They are going to make the price $17,000 if you didn't go with the discount. I know that sacrificing in order to gain successes is important but really?! True, they were teaching me about setting up ads and reaching out and even getting everything started. However, there was a lot of signing up to other sites, and having to pay before you can even use the software. It was just mind blowing to me.

Thanks for having me!
Bald Eagle Premium
Welcome ...
And hang on to that husband
Trust me. I will. :-)
jshahid99 Premium
There are many scams around which seem very attractive before and then you get taken for a nasty ride.

I was also struggling with other places before discovering WA.

Great decision, Welcome and Good Luck.
BMTruelove Premium
$14,000 for coaching? Screw that noise! This is the place to be! Welcome to the community!