Overcome Fear

Last Update: July 23, 2015


Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.

Today I want to talk about fear. I don't mean to put yourself in a dangerous situation. I am referring to the kind of fear that stops you from doing things in your life. What do I mean? If you think about the things that you shut yourself from or put off. A good example is learning to make a website or repairing a faucet for the first time. We make excuses of as to why we can't do it. In reality, it is our fear. We don't know how to do It or we are afraid to make a mistake. What is the root of the problem? Why do some people jump right in while the others make excuses?

I know of someone that is in business but doesn't like to meet new people. If puzzles me to see this. How could you own a business if you have no desire to meet new people? How do you survive if you don't strive to get new customers to keep your business going?

So I said to her, you should find someone to help represent your business since you dislike to approach strangers. She was upset at my suggestion. She didn't agree and replied I always talk to new people. On the contrary, she would never mingle, reach out or network at any events. She gave excuses and kept denying it. Perhaps she is shy? No she isn't. What is the worst scenario when you talk to strangers?

Follow your heart beyond fear!

I say No guts, no glory!

Today is day 15 of reaching out and leaving a positive message to people

Here is my list

DKash - Deborah best of luck!

ZacTanzillo - Zac wish you all the best! Btw what position you play in baseball?

Vredde - Victoria best of luck!

Ktrims12 - Kenny wish you all the best!

ddavis84 - Dana best of luck!

EmanuelH - Emanuel wish you all the best!

ROGA-THAT - best of luck!

fable666 - Gary much success!

Marianita - Mariana you can do it!

theboisyshow - Neal best of luck!

jeffhouse - Jeff wish you all the best!

Srazi - Sadra best of luck!

TequillaSnow - Alexandria thanks for serving our country! All the best!

jvranjes - Jovo much success to you!

Thisisreal - Lee wish you all the best!

Itsmywealth - Joe best of luck!

Abdullahim9 - Abdullahi wish you all the best!

BShuta - Becky best of luck!

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Abdullahim9 Premium
Fear is of this world and you have to live with it to an extent. It will push you.

Thank you,

MMatsuo Premium
Hey Abdullahi,
You are right hopefully it pushes people in the right direction. So people run and hide while others step up and accept the challenge.

All the best to your success!
grdfoster Premium
Great blog! People sometimes ask me but why join something like WA...you all know the comments from certain family and friends...its doesn't work etc etc....IT IS SIMPLY FEAR...fear of the unknown even and change...
MMatsuo Premium
Yep Gareth, 95% of people are scared of change.
I look at it as it makes life more interesting
Take care my friend,
jazminf Premium
Awesome post as always Marc, thank you:)
MMatsuo Premium
Thank you Jazmin! You are great for my motivation!
Chat soon!

Take care,
jazminf Premium
You're welcome Marc:)
GeorgeVas Premium
Loved your article!

I believe fear in its core is a useful emotion. It is meant to act as an alert. A trigger for preservation or survival purposes.

Now, psychological fear is a whole different story. There is no "actual" danger there, but you do feel it and it can really put a halt in your life.

I have come to understand that the moment you actively decide to step out of this mental block and do the "fearful" thing, it goes away.
MMatsuo Premium
Thanks George!
I have the same experience, then I think to myself wth was I so afraid of?
GeorgeVas Premium
Exactly! It keeps playing in your mind until you take action :)
PSenwelo Premium
Spot on MMatsuo !
MMatsuo Premium
Thanks Patricia!