If You Can't Make It Here Part Two

Last Update: April 06, 2014

Following up from last week's blog of the same title except part one, I want to share a bit of how this week has proved to be a challenging one. I introduced a story in last week's blog post that I was helping a young man in my community understand the value of money and how he could go about getting more of it. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mlundrigan/blog/if-you-can-t-make-it-here the link to last week's post in case you missed it.

My week was challenging in that I added more work time to my week and for a few day's I looked like my cat, Gambler, chasing her tail, it did take considerable time and effort but then I suppose anything worthwhile usually does and I entered into it voluntarily and the end result is a rewarding one and has now turned into a long term project with a great outlook. In the long run I found a way to make all my commitments to myself for the end of my work week and I am right on track with where I want my goal to be right now and I can begin my new work week tomorrow with a fresh slate on which to draw.

I want to be clear that I am no expert in the field of money, I write on this subject from my own personal interest, personal experience as an entrepreneur, and what I have learned from other's. I think we need to talk about it more in the open. So on with the rest of the story.

  • After we had our brain storming session over my friend's negative money mindset, I left off saying I would sleep on it and if I came up with an idea that seemed like a solution then we would arrange to meet again and brainstorm on it. After he left I sat down in my quiet place where I like to do my thinking and listening, I always have a notebook handy at all times, it is amazing what you can train your mind to do for you with a little self discipline, anyway after 20 minutes of pondering I came up with what I thought was a plausible solution to his situation and would also benefit me as well. I just had to convince him of the potential in it.
  • For a couple of years I have earned money on the side that pays for the little extra's I enjoy so much, I buy reusable item's locally and resell them for a profit on Kijiji, it had turned into a passionate hobby for me and a lucrative one at that, it can be a bit time consuming though and I doubted I would have the time to continue with it this spring. I still had several hundred dollars in inventory I wanted to clear out, but I really didn't have the time right now, and now is the time to get stuff listed the cottage people are beginning to stir, I found that if you are consistent with keeping good quality items readily available you get repeat customers.
  • My big idea was to hire the young man to list all the items I had left in my inventory, manage the ad listing's and most of the time manage meeting the buyer's to sell the items, I would supply the inventory and a partial presence as a consultant, I proposed a 50/50 split on the money taken in, but I had a few terms to the arrangement, this way I could detect early on if he was really, really, serious about financial literacy or did he just need an ear to complain to , and the best way I know to find that out is to put some real work into the equation.
  • The 50/50 split I would explain works like this, it will serve three purpose's, your's, mine, and the project itself, in other words the first 50% is divided between you and myself, supplying each of us with some pocket change at all times and the other 50% stays in the bank and will be used as a capital fund for future growth, once we have $100 dollars in the bank we start shopping at auctions for more items to resell, the lad has his own i-phone so it is an easy thing to look after and he could do it on his own schedule, and he has me on speed dial to answer questions, while he is learning the ropes. I really wanted him to see himself handling these transactions and taking in cash by his own efforts. So I approached it from a business sense.
  • I called my friend and arranged a meeting to present my idea to him. He immediately identified the value in it and took the attitude of nothing ventured nothing gained, when can we get started was his first response, we arranged to meet the next day at my place to set the plan in action and create a traceable system on paper so we can watch the results moving forward.
  • We agreed on the partnership and called it the go project, we created a system so that we both have access to it at all times to track our result's, as of today our joint efforts have put 25 in my pocket, 25 in his, and 50 in the bank, I wouldn't have had the time to do all this on my own so it is adding value to both our lives in more ways than a bit of money, money is only a tool.
  • This simple story shows that there is potential in seeming hopeless situations once a little light begins to shine into that darkened area. There is no shortage of opportunity to better ourselves financially, as I look back in retrospect I can see a few great opportunities that I really blundered along the way, I can use the lesson's garnered in my endeavours today though.
  • Action is the most important feature of accomplishing any goal, you can have the best idea in the world but if you are not taking consistent action and putting it out there then it will always be just an idea. My friend's immediate expression with enthusiasm, when can we start, told me a lot about him, and his follow through this week proved my instinct was right about him. He is serious about finding financial solution's to better his life, it is our inherent basic human right.
  • He came to visit me yesterday to wrap up our weekly business and he said, you know what I learned this week? I said tell me. His answer. I learned how important money is.
  • This is a beginning of something as simple as it is, it is in fact a joint business venture between two people of compatible personalities that could lead to who knows where or it could flop in two weeks. My friend is now working on creating new goals and a formula for success. I keep telling him that if he remains coach-able I can help him.
  • Now isn't this similar to the affiliate program partnership I have entered into with Wealthy Affiliate, they supply me the merchandise and the tools to promote it, all I have to do is tell people about the positive experience I am having here, and the team does the grunt work for me, my job is to show and tell only, I never have to worry about selling the product or service, all I have to do is convince people that if they want to learn anything about internet marketing that I found the best place on the planet to do it. The system is already established and ready for me to plug into, the rest of the equation is what I bring to the table. Am I coach-able is the rhetorical question, it remains to be seen. I welcome any comment's. Catch you next time. Sincerely Mike
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wootten Premium
Great reading Mike....we all need mentors and teachers to guide us on our path. And it is OUR responsibility as humanitarians to uplift each other to our fullest potential. I know you are glad you found a way to help this friend....i am too! I hope with all my heart he makes you proud!
Can't wait for part three!
sunshiny smiles
MLundrigan Premium
Hello Amanda. Thank you for your kind comments.
Sincerely Mike
gusti Premium
from your story, I learn something too : friendship, give us more value than money.. it's time to do some garage sale! thanks Mike!
MLundrigan Premium
Thank you gusti. Best wishes to all you r endeavours.
g2G8850 Premium
Hi Mike. As I was reading your part 2 blog, I was surprised to find myself entertaining thoughts and ideas on how I could improve on my own path to a bit of financial independence. Your offering here is a practical and enlightening way of approaching this "path". Keep writing sir. You are truly inspiring.
MLundrigan Premium
Thank you Cliff. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Sincerely Mike
CathyS Premium
You have a good gut instinct, Mike! I'm pleased to hear your young friend is eager to learn - who knows? This may be his passion and could turn into something fantastic for him and for you! You did good! God Bless! ~Cathy
MLundrigan Premium
Thank you Cathy. Have a great day.
chinky1979 Premium
great idea buying and selling stuff !! I`ll have to start doing that too!Thanx Mike
MLundrigan Premium
Thank you Kevin.