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Last Update: December 02, 2018

This one says it all and then some. Marketing can come alive in wonderful ways!

Your focus should be on lead development for conversions as always. The main weapon in your arsenal to accomplish this is your content.

It's interesting to note that paid advertising shows more positive results for traffic than organic keyword searching. You should always concentrate on the advertising method with the best return.

The best method to reach out again and again is e-mailing.emails are:

- simple to compose

- easy to tailor

- showing a high rate of return based on studies of results

When you do an edit, check concentration analytics to define and make sense of the variables involved and metrics to show the dynamic aspect over time of your progress.

there's a LOT of good clear information in this message that will definitely drive success to your marketing effort.Read, enjoy, save and apply!

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Blessedalso2 Premium

I think you just cracked to code for success!

There is no doubt in my mind that if I follow your roadmap I will run right into a large neon sign saying "Welcome to the City of Success".

I love that you love doing what you do!

Because when you doing it, everyone benefits from it!

All the best,

Stella741 Premium
Brilliant Mike!

I can follow this summary and find out what direction to take... I also worked out if I follow this road map to the letter, I would go from intermediate to advanced marketer.

Thanks for sharing this... Indeed the customer is key and engagement and tracking are very important. No customer value, no repeat sales...

At WA we Learn - Apply - Succeed...

Multiple Blessings,

Mick18 Premium
Lot of great info here. Thanks Mike.
DebbieSt Premium
Hi Mike
You have provided some great tips here. I have bookmarked for later use.
SondraM Premium
Hi Mike!

You are correct, this message has a LOT of great information. I'm going to book mark it and re- read tomorrow and as many other times as necessary.

How was your Thanksgiving?
MKearns Premium
Great Sondra. You're well set up with those chickens in case someone wants a lighter fowl to eat than a turkey!
Vickic3 Premium
Such a great post-Mike thank you
apache1 Premium
Thanks for the share Michael so much valuable information given.
FKelso Premium
Well, you packed a lot in that message! It may take me a while to integrate it all, but I am working on it.
Cass51 Premium
Some of this is still a bit above my level at the moment but I can see great value in it. Thank you Mike.:)
MKearns Premium
My pleasure Cass!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Mike.
Tirolith Premium
That is a lot for this old brain to take in so off to the learning curve. Up, up and away.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you for sharing - I have got to get my Social
Media under control - still learning :)