Wealthy Affiliate Strategy and Residual Effect - Playing the Long Game

Last Update: May 6, 2020

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Does the Wealthy Affiliate strategy work? Oh yes it does!!!

You might be thinking that I am going to write about how much money I have made over the last while. But, I am really sorry to disappoint you. On the contrary, I am here to report that I have yet to make one single penny using Wealthy Affiliate.

Now you might be confused and wonder why I am stating that the Wealthy Affiliate strategy works. Because it does, and I am shouting it from the virtual rooftops: the Wealthy Affiliate strategy really does work.

Read through to the end of this blog to find out some shocking statistics and why you should be excited as well.

The Ball is back in my hands

As I wrote in this blog I totally dropped the ball at the turn of the new year, I was making an attempt to pick up the "WA ball" that I had dropped some time before. Well, I did manage to pick it up and I am really glad that I did.

With some extra time on my hands these last couple of months I have recently launched a second website incorporating all of the experiences gained from building the first one. I must say that the process is much smoother this time around as I have a much better understanding of what is actually going on and a much clearer picture of what I want to do.

I have uploaded some content onto the new site and today I was setting up Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. As I finished setting up the sitemap, I got curious as to whether or not I could find the data from my first site as I had not checked it for over a year. Sure enough after a brief search, and a few clicks, the data loaded up.

... and my jaw dropped. Literally.

Stats that blew my mind

I am going to share some stats with you. I really hope that for newer members it will emphasize how much a little bit of work done over a long period of time will have amazing results. Remember to play the long game.

Here are the stats for the last seven days: 62 clicks in 7 days. Maybe you are thinking that it's not too bad, or maybe you are thinking that it's not very much. Anyways, for me it is an impressive 8+ clicks per day.

Here are the stats for the last 3 months. Again, it may impress you, or it may not. But the average clicks per day is also at 8+.

Here are the stats for the last 16 months. Over 1,600 clicks on my website over the course of 16 months. That is over 100 clicks per month.

Forgive me for a minute as I crunch a few numbers.

If you take the average of 1,670 clicks over 16 months you get about 100+ clicks per month or 25 clicks per week.

If you take the average of 776 clicks over 3 months you get about 250 clicks per month or 60 clicks per week.

And then looking at 62 clicks for the last week I can see that there is definitley something going on with this website. There has been a consistent growth of clicks from 16 months ago to now. But that isn't even the best news.

CTR and Average Position

Likely a statistic that goes hand in hand with the number of clicks is the CTR (click through rate}. Over 16 months it was 1.8%, while over the last 3 monhts it was 3.2% and over the last week it was 4.4%. That is a pretty good increase in CTR.

Imagine a 4.4% CTR over the 90,600 impressions of the last 16 months... that would be over 4,400 clicks instead of 1,670 (almost three times more). Again, it looks like something good is going on. And that still is not the best news.

If you look at the average position in search results over 16 months it was at 30.7. Then over the last 3 months it was at 19.1 and over the last week it was at 11.7. Maybe I am reading this all wrong, but I thnk that the website is slowly gaining traction. It is making a name for itself and going up the ranks and picking up some clicks. That is good news for me and it looks like I need to capture, and capitalize on, the growing traffic.

You might still be wondering why I sound so excited, right? Keep reading.

The CRAZY thing

The numbers that I just showed you are for my first website. A website that 24 hours ago I would have considered "inactive". Follow this:

On October 6th of 2018 I uploaded my first blog to that website. I successfully added 30 other blogs, uploading my LAST blog on December 4, 2018. YES, you read that right. My LAST blog published to that website was on December 4, 2018, 17 months ago.

You can see why I was shocked to see the statistics. The numbers may not seem that high for an active website, but for one that has had NOTHING published to it for 17 months, it is quite remarkable.

And just to add another sparkle of good news for you, the keywords that I used are REALLY, REALLY low hanging. Traffic for the keywords I used generally average under 30 searches per month each.

I am REALLY Encouraged

I could easily play the would'a, could'a, should'a game. But the truth is, I really didn't have the time to keep up with the first website during 2019.

But looking forward, how encouraging is it to know that one or two yearsfrom now, the work that I am putting into this new website will have amazing results.

And as for that first website, there is enough traffic to make it work. Especially if I start publishing a few more blogs. imagine the growth potential.

Those stats were just the pep talk I needed to keep going and going strong. Time to start bouncing that ball and sinking a few baskets.

For those just starting out, the Wealthy Affiliate strategy works. Keep at it, think of the long game and the results will come.

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Thank you for sharing this blog. I am encouraged to push on.

Glad to hear it.

You have to plan for it to take some time to gain traction, but using the methods taught at WA you will be successful in the long run.

Exactly. Keep pushing forward Jerry.
Good to hear from you.

You're living proof that you get OUT of it what YOU put in. It's not a get rich quick scheme that allows you to sit back, do nothing and make money. Keep up the great work!!!!


Just... gotta... keep... putting... more... into... it... :)
Keep up the great work yourself!!!

Hi Mitch, thanks for sharing this encouraging post.


Hey Wilson,
Good to hear from you. Keep it up.

Great and amazing results. :) Marc

Compared to what I was expecting... I agree those are amazing results.

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