If you are tempted to give up.

Last Update: April 22, 2016

Remember your real POWER lies within you, and will support you.

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jendavis Premium
You have no idea how much i needed that today. Sometimes the debbie downers of the world wear me out completely and some days I struggle to hold onto positive
RaeAnnePond Premium
Very good post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Ericabried Premium
Very good. I do believe that our inner reality is what's important.
VickyL Premium
Love this. I am writting a post which this would fit perfect. Could I use it and attribute ot to you? Thanks vicky :-)
apbridges60 Premium
Thanks for putting this out on your profile page - I was just getting ready to turn my computer off, but I thought I would check my email one more time, and here is your post BECAUSE I'M TEMPTED TO GIVE UP.......so thanks for the words on this page...... :-D