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Remember your real POWER lies within you, and will support you.
April 03, 2016
The story thus far...I uploaded a WA promo video to YOUTUBE1 person flagged it for whatever reason1 PERSON / YES 1 PERSONYoutube responds by stern letter and blackmarkI appealed --- AND ONE MUST DO THIS because it's just an easy click to acknowledge your sin, and your done.The resultAPPEAL SUCCESSFULMORAL ---- one person can flag anything for whatever reasonALWAYS APPEAL...
April 02, 2016
The movie maker takes up to 30 videos and extra 30 still photos and splices them into a film that is quite impressive. My subscription is about $3 a month but I am sure you can makes some for free. I have made home videos for quite a while, but occass I whip up a business one.Here is the latestTO TRY go to magisto.comThese are examples of raw movie just editedI usually add them to beginning of video or upload them to YOUTUBE
On GOOGLE DOCS I have all my posts/ pages/videos listed ---( well in process of)and categorised to which websiteEasy to see-which social media i have shared to-keywords-date created-date sharedeven which subreddit so i can rememberIf there are gaps I can go back and share to places i have missed, or sort according to any column.I find it helpful --- maybe others will . I have 70 posts on each 3 websites so i must now keep track of them!!
There was nothing wrong with itpromoted to go to my site mainlyI mean how many videos contain affiliate info -- i bet lotsAnyway black mark and a warning.All because someone objected --- i mean cmon / youtube is that sensitive that 1 person makes some sort of noise and you are blacklisted.VERY ODD
I know that affiliate marketing is great, and I do try to sell WA memberships but my primary focus is selling ME.No, not my bodyMy skills as life coach.So everything is designed to funnel people to my main website.The other domains are to generate interest in areas that may need this service.I create content regularly, and I feel I am slowly getting better, but it just doesn't suddenly manifest unless you practice, take risks, and make mistakes.Anyway I keep going on videos / social /slideshare
If this document isn't the absolute definitive guide to;GET TRAFFICCONVERTSELLi will eat my hat (getting hat ready)Thx HUBSPOT --- another excellent presentationSO clear So informativea keeper for every internet marketer wannabee as their manual!
March 07, 2016
When using images it is a nice addition to your toolset to use a collage. Not only is a collage good for combining multiple pictures, it results in a end result that is usually more interesting than a single picture alone.Anything that captures attention must be leveraged on your blog because your audience is literally "surfing" the web, and if there is not instant gratification as to what they might find on your website, they will go to the next.Anyway there is a great programme for the PC tha
There is some social media places that do not have the intense competition of GOOGLE YAHOO or BING, and in many cases, are nearly as powerful, and should be explored as possibly relevent to your niche. I am thinking of quite a few I regularly use such as;STUMBLEUPONG+PINTERESTDIGPERISCOPEThere are heaps, but one I am using today is powerful because it is so closely aligned with LINKDIN, in fact owned by them, I think. This one is SLIDESHARE. I get good traffic to my entries here which funnel to
True POWER is often interpreted as "changing something in the world", maybe to be more wealthy with money, to be more fit and healthy, or to be more faithful and spiritual are good examples. And it is possible to do these things, because the LAW of ATTRACTION states if we focus on what we want, and think positive, align with positive people etc, it will help.Unfortunately the LAW of ATTRACTION takes no account whatsoever of RESISTANCE. This is an unseen force that has a heavy foot on the brake,