4 Things To Do to Rank Your Fresh Article in Google

Last Update: April 24, 2020

4 Things To Do To Rank Your Fresh Article In Google

This post is about my fresh article that's already in Google Search Engine Result Pages after 22 hrs of publishing it.

This just surprised me. I've been creating and publishing post for some time now but this is first to me. So I thought I would share and I wish newbies will find this post helpful.

On some of Jay's webinar, he shows us "live" on how he creates a post, publish, and BAM! it's right on Google! I found it really amazing 😲. Like, Jay has magic or something.

So, every time I publish a post, I tried to check it myself to see if it will come out like Jay's. But sadly... NO.

It didn't discourage me though. I still do and apply what I've learned from the training.

To make the story short, I published a post yesterday, then, it's like a habit of mine-- I checked for the keywords of that said post---

Guess what, I'm on page 1! 😁 And it hasn't been "index" yet (I mean, I haven't gotten a message saying it is indexed).

Well, it is not as quick as Jay's but, this is first for me. Normally I would find my article in Google, days sometimes weeks after I published it. This time it's 22 hrs.

Things I Did & Will Be Doing From Now On

Since it's first for me, I tried to evaluate what I did exactly that I didn't do in my first / other posts (including my first website). So, I could apply it again and again.

And so far, there are 4 things which I think played a crucial role.

4 Things I Did To Rank My Fresh Post In Google

  • I (have probably) targeted a Low Hanging Keyword.
  • I re-watched Jay's webinar and follow exactly what he did in terms of placing my keywords which I think is the most important. Check it > here.
  • I write naturally in conversational tone.
  • I used ALT TEXT (although I always do) efficiently on all the images I used.

As you can see, what I googled is a part of my long tail keyword. I'm on the first page. And you'll see that I published it within the last 22 hrs.

For a second, I thought that I'm kind of cheating myself because I actually used the words that is exactly in my title, right? Because, Google bots will read it.

So, I tried to search more broad keyword which is still in my title and on the post itself.

The result, although I didn't make it in the first to 4th page of Google, I make it in images. I'm on the 7th line / row. lol! 😅

In this part, it shows that using Alt Text in your images are important. Your images rank as well.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is not a huge accomplishment for many of you. But it is for me. And I think it will benefit other members in the community (newbie or not).

To those who are starting out in WA, I know it's a cliche. But--- I'll say it :


You just have to be patient and follow it.

Your Thoughts

How about you? Do you struggle on ranking your post like me? What do you do to resolve it? Mind sharing those tips with us?

Please share your experience in the comment below. I would love to learn more.


I seldom blog in WA-- I'm looking at this post, and it looks like I'm blogging on my site 😊 and it's way too formal. I thought of using "personal touch" but, there's a possibilty that WA blogs can also appear in Google, so I did it this way.

Quick question : Do you guys prefer to read WA blog in this style or more on personal, informal kind of style?

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Dave07 Premium
Hi Mina
Ive been studying jay's training too recently and applying it to my blog posts. Since doing so i have had several make it to page 1 of search.
It's nice to see that by following what we are shown how to do, we can get great results too.

Keep up the great work 👍
Dave 🙂
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
The WA blogs DO appear in Google! This was a great post, Mina, and read smoothly enough for me! Nice job, my friend!

Have a safe weekend!

megawinner Premium
Awesome. Thanks.
chrisvs Premium
Thanks for your post. It is very encouraging and your writing style seems good to me!

Just a question to qualify/disqualify an article I read elsewhere, not WA - how many pages and posts does your website have?

MinaKim Premium
Qualify / Disqualify for what, may I ask?

But right now, my site is barely new. It has 4 posts and 1 page.
chrisvs Premium
Oh wow! The article I read said 30 pages needed including posts before you get anywhere near the top ranking. I despaired - that's why I asked,


thomhee Premium
I get my articles in Google usually within 30 minutes after I publish them because I add the URL into Google Search Console like Jay did. I definitely don't get them ranked like Jay does and most won't because my site isn't established like his and doesn't have the Domain Authority that his does. But who knows, maybe after some time my site will get the authority and will rank better.