Getting the balance right

Last Update: April 03, 2015

I have a new post at long last... is there a balance between researching, getting to know your stuff and actually producing content?

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richardes Premium
Great Mikey
Marith Premium
Great list Mikey, left you a comment
DLansing Premium
Not bad at all. I say that is a good start for you. Well done and keep it up!
GinaGo Premium
Great stuff. Thank you for sharing!
BigDaddyFred Premium
Hi Mikey:
If there is and you find what it is I really need to know :) Also, my way of seeing it is without great content, it doesn't matter how much traffic you have and....... Great content deserve a LARGE audience...... so, there mut be a correlation somewhere there also. OK Hold still.... Going to look at your post.