Thank you for the knowledge

Last Update: October 20, 2013

I would like to extend a warm and very heartfelt thank you to Kyle and Carson and all the members of WA

for my new and increasing knowledgeof this business


Following the release of my first book on Amazon I wanted to tie it all up in a media platform and create a brand.

Now 6 months ago i would not have known what this even meant, actually about 4 months age.

For all you newbies, look at this and see where you are headed.

On Friday of this week I had a book published and by Sunday, 2 days later I had the following done and dusted.

Started a website for promotion.

Decided on my branding.

Transferred my site-rubix to a personal domain from namecheap.

Set up a theme and customised it.

Sorted my plug-ins and formatted

Formulated my SEO

Customised my menus.

Sorted out my widgets.

Filled pages with good and continuing content.

Linked my Facebook and Pinterest and twitter and G+

Got my google authorship done.

Linked website to Facebook and my Twitter in my header.

Linked up analytics and webmaster tools.

Employed someone to design my E-book covers X3

Built someone elses website for them and earned some money.

Earned commission on Jaxxy and my training courses.

There is maybe more but this is a huge amount of info learned and a valuable life skill.

I feel very confident now in handling all of the above and to Kyle and Carson i say "THANK YOU GUYS"

You newbies, you may not earn money yet but the knowledge is all powerful and its now only time

By the way, Can I please have some comments on my new site guys!

God knows where i will be in 6 months.

One can dream LOL!!!!!!


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Paul Dean Premium
Jeez Mikey, I'm impressed with how much you DIDN'T know before you got here...

Seriously, well done, and I wish you every success with the book, site and all the business you'll steal from me when you give writing advice (mutter...).
MikeyB Premium
no Paul not doing writing advice as such, your safe..LOL and No I didnt know a thing before July 08th
Paul Dean Premium
Mikey, it's "you're" lol.

Seriously mate, we've all learnt loads, but you've put it all into practice in record time. Brilliant! X
georama Premium
Wish you godspeed.
MikeyB Premium
Cheers george
steinway Premium
Mike, I am so impressed and inspired by this post.

I am struggling so much to understand Wordpress and widgets, plugins and platforms. After reading this I am persuaded that EVENTUALLY, this will all become familiar stuff. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, I would love to be able to post a "THANK YOU" of my own.

Your website for the book is lovely; I posted a comment on it which was truly felt by the way.

I know you'll be successful and THANK YOU to you too!!

All the best,

MikeyB Premium
Yes thank you I saw that and replied. I am most grateful honestly....I can help you with anything ok, just PM me or e-mail me at and I will help..You will get there
Ron Meyering Premium
Impressive piece of work Mike. Congrats and good luck with the selling of your new book.
MikeyB Premium
Thanks Ron, any comments on the site, do you like it, Is it pleasing to the eye
jangee Premium
I loved the start of your book - very exciting! The website is looking really good too, the colour scheme and theme fit perfectly with your subject matter and content, good luck with everything Jan :0)
baruarajat Premium
MikeyB, I can see you waving hand from the window of your new home. You still need to do lot of work on your new site but i do see a hope from the rising sun. Best of luck and enjoy your moment.
MikeyB Premium
Thank you, yes lots of work to do but Just wondering how it was looking...