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Last Update: October 27, 2015

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

Its a good quote and one in which I firmly believe. Goals are those little beasts that we all know and maybe love, maybe hate but we know about them but very few of us actually tend to them. There are many quotes about arrows flying to distant wrong targets, ladders up wrong walls and constantly swimming upstream, there are sayings and cliches because Goals are such a problem. Why?

We have all had ideas and we have all had those inspirational moments, the great AHA moments in life (....and thats not singing 'take on me') where we want to or do indeed jump into the light, off the cliff, the leap of faith, the quantum jump. I have had many but unfortunately there is something I have called the 'bungee effect' ( where we bounce back at the point of maximum stretch, that point where just beyond we break free or as Bob Leonard writes in his most excellent book - Bust loose. And again Why?

We need tools, we need guides, we need a path, a direction. Maybe if you win the lottery you can bust loose and be fine with 20 million behind you but for us mere mortals a goal or a new life direction will need a plan. Does it take the wind out our sails, yep. Does it shout 'boring' and 'non spontaneous', yep and does it, yep, yep and yep every time and this is why we don't stick to the plan and the achievement of our goals.

Goals are what make us move forward, they are what make us change, break habits and achieve great things - IDEAS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT A PLAN, DREAMS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT A DIRECTION - and that, my friends is where goals come in.

In about 2012 I wrote a course here on POWER goals and I really suggest that you take a long hard look at your goals and let my course help you to really achieve them. Its not a philosophical mumbo jumbo course, it is a practical guide to getting what you want.

The course is right here and so am I.

If this movie does not load then go to You tube and search with above link - Will Smith profile - IT IS IMPORTANT YOU FIND AND WATCH THIS VIDEO PLEASE!!!!!

Get Goal Crazy and grab your diary!!

Dr Mike

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Hi mike thanks for the information,i will check it out
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you welcome bud