The P.O.W.E.R goal setting system
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Description Using the POWER system to set goals and achieve them
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Be able to grow and achieve your goals, dreams and outrageous fortunes.
Be able to understand and implement the POWER system of goal setting (PGS)
Be able to effectively think through your immediate, short, medium and long term goals
Be able to SMART test your goals and prioritise
Be able to formulate your goals into a POWER action plan or PAP
Be able to transfer and diarise your PAP effectively
Be able to evaluate and then Re-evaluate your PAP and your PGS
Be able to actively use, learn from and share the PGS with friends.
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grandsx4rr rated this Course 10/10
I believe my review was good; I love to serve others and have been most anxious to get this.I am a retired RN, but now I am a caretaker to sister. My husband & I are both on disability due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and we live on a very fixed income. I am also guardian to my 74 year old sister with physical and mental retardation. I have done everything I have been asked to do. I have spent at least 10-12 hours daily studying and doing what I was told. I wanted to exceed for my family, to give them more than they are accustomed to. My sister has been tested at a 3-5 year old level and I just wanted to travel with her and make her life happy. But I really feel that I can do this, and sincerely hope that you see it too. Sincerely, Ruth Rackley
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