Big day!

Last Update: May 14, 2015

So we celebrated the birth of a new venture, a new life-style last night with a nice bottle of bubbles, May 13th 2015 was a big day.

I have been off WA for a couple of years now and I have been thinking for that much time about this new project. Last time while I was here I did it all, did the training and got to Rank 12 I think and spent 6 hrs a day here..fantastic but 'poof' burnout.

but then......something miraculous happened to me, I won't go into here but will on the new web site, a divine epiphany, a ray of cosmic particles, an awakening, call it what you will. It stopped me in my tracks while driving one day and I have never and i mean NEVER been the same since. Something awakened in me and most things became clear.

Now this is important guys.....I thought hard about where do i restart and to whom do i share this with because it's powerful and hard to explain but I thought and discussed with Julie, my lovely wife and we decided it should be back here in this community because 2 years ago this place was so inspiring and helpful. So this time I am back to share and to help you all even more.

My project is yet to be revealed but I am working on it as of today the 14th May and I ask for your support on this one as it's not for me but for those out there who will need it. I feel that goodness and love will come with this and I am being called to do it from somewhere else.

OK..yep some of you may think...WHOAH, fruitcake but absolutely not. I am a regular guy, married 4 kids....2 degrees and a doctor and a complete science head..BUT something happened to me and I need to pay it forward...

See you in the ether.

Your God Bless you...


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Tans Premium
Definitely don't think you are a fruitcake. That's awesome and a little inspiring to be honest. Good luck.
Electra-5150 Premium
Welcome back Mike

As i remember you were the first member to welcome me in to W.A when i joined and then you disappeared to concentrate on your book.

I'm still here after nearly two years

Well done for coming back.

See you in the Community.

MikeyB Premium
Hey pete yes i remember you..The book got done and now I am back to bigger and better......Chat to you soon yes.....
Internetgranny Premium
First of all, welcome back. I remember well how shocked I was when you left and realized that you were suffering from burn-out.

So glad all is well with you now and look forward to hearing more about your new project. It sounds really exciting!

MikeyB Premium
hello there my friend....I remember internetgranny...Thank you and I think you will enjoy
namaste back
Lazyblogger Premium
Glad you came back with new direction and Love. Vision is the key. Wish you great success.
MikeyB Premium
Thanks so much...