Trying To Get Started

Last Update: October 25, 2017

I put in a 14 hour day today, with a 1.5 hour commute each way. Tired and just going through my emails. Have 150 emails before I got started going through them, now down to 75. Now trying to brainstorm on a blog post for one of my sites.

I need to put out at least two blog posts per day to keep up with all of my sites, but I do not see it happening this evening with knowing I will have a day tomorrow just like today. Having to meet with the CEO and CFO for budget meetings. They are reviewing the budgets I have prepared and drilling me on how I came up with the numbers on them.

I work for a rather large company and am a Financial Controller. I know how I came up with my budget numbers and have all of my backup. Presenting it on PowerPoint is just old school to me by now. The time consuming part is explaining the budgets for each of our subsidiaries.

I get to work from home 2 days per week, and drive to my office 3 days per week. So Friday I will not have the long commute. I decided to write this blog as a break for the one for my site.

Once I am making enough from my sites that I can afford to work from home entirely, I will then ask to work from home for good, except for audit time. But until then, I will be keeping this pace.

Thank you all for being in my community and helping me when I need help.

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Marketeer1 Premium
Hi Mike, there is no doubt about is a struggle. Do what you need to do to keep moving forward towards your dreams..but try not to beat yourself up too much when you don't seem to be getting everything done that you had hoped for. You will get there buddy :)
brichnow21 Premium
Good advice, Marketer!
Prioritize! What needs done will get done!
If not?? Probably not that important.
MJLaupp Premium
Wow! Way to go on working a crazy schedule in an effort to
"come home" full-time!
drjec Premium
It’s tough to fit everything but well worth it. I think many of us feel what you have expressed so well.
subcpo14 Premium
Keep balancing until you are where you need to be. I need to go dim for the next couple weeks since I will be on the road again and need to do some heavy lifting at the 9 to 5. Best of luck to you. Jay
brichnow21 Premium
I like that "Go dim". Just got back from a roadtrip and ready to Really get started.
MKearns Premium
You can investigate financial copywriting and carry it with you Mike!
mikewood1975 Premium
Great advice. I will look into this because I am familiar with both US GAAP and International accounting standards.