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Last Update: November 05, 2017

I have not been able to engage others for a few days. I have answered some questions but I have been working on my keywords and taking a second look at my content quality.

I know you can mess up your rankings changing posts, but I didn't change much at all. I mostly just added to them. I had some posts with only 300 words, so I researched for more quality content to add to them.

I built my first site while going through the certification courses, so I did not know that we needed to have our posts with 500 to 1,000+ words. Most of mine are around 750 words now.

I am going to be still working on my sites, adding some more posts, and be researching. Just chugging along.

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jtaienao Premium
Keep going at it Mike. It sounds like you are definitely steering in the right direction. Increasing your word count on your blogs is definitely a good thing as far as SEO is concerned.
natekidd Premium
Awesome work. The training teaches us so much. I learn something new every day. Keep up the awesome work.
LouisaB Premium
Mike, it seems like you got it all planned to a T. keep up the good work.
brichnow21 Premium
Hi, Mike! I've been off the grid for the last week, but am encouraged to get back, now that this last full moon chaos has passed.
I had now idea about the size of a post. I've kept mine rather short.
I find that unless I'm really interested, with so many posts to read, where's the time, to read them all.
Hmm...You given me more good info. Had no idea about posts and rating, though I'm not finished with my certification training.
Thank you. Yes! Keep up the good work!
Marketeer1 Premium
Hi Mike, keep up the good work.