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Last Update: November 17, 2016

I'm a Veteran of the US Air Force. I served between 1968 and 1972. It was my honor and privilege to serve our country.

About two years ago I heard about a program that Applebee's had, I'm not sure of the name they gave it but I will refer to it as "Buy Lunch for Veterans".

In this promotion, Applebee's would buy lunch for whatever vets came to their restaurant for a meal. It could have been both lunch and dinner, I'm not really sure.

What I do know for sure is that my Korean War buddy, who is now 83, and an Army vet, the same age as me, and I all had a nice lunch, this year, and last year as well.

My hat is off to Applebee's. It was a kind thing that they did, and I am sure that the vets who took advantage of this promotion, will all go back and spend some more money there.

Applebee's Thank you. We all love your "Buy Lunch for Veterans" program.

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drjec Premium
Thanks for serving. Those were tough years to be in. I am glad you had some appreciation shown.
MikeMartin1 Premium
Yes, it was nice of Applebee's to honor us that way.

Ironically, no one had every said thank you, to me in person before. Ye,s, in different groups, people had clapped for all the vets in the church, or restaurant, or whatever venue.
But, these two times at Applebee's were the first two times that I had been thanked, by someone buying me a meal.

It was quite nice, and I will be doing that for vets in the future, when I can afford it.
JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for your service and sharing.
MikeMartin1 Premium
You are welcome.
glablue28 Premium
I made it my priority many years ago to pay for not only military personnel but also our men / women in Blue anytime I'm in a restaurant having a meal or ordering take out. My Dad was a disabled veteran of the Korean Conflict, some people called it, I've always called it a War. But this is just my small bit that I can say Thank You for your service Soldier. God Bless Our Troops and Keep Them Safe!
Best Regards.
MikeMartin1 Premium
You are so right. We should all be praying for our troops, and asking God to bless them, and protect them.

It is a wonderful thing to buy a veteran or a police officer a meal,
as a way of saying "Thank You".

I am going to start to do that myself. Thank you for giving me the idea.
MikeMartin1 Premium
You are welcome. Best of luck with your internet business.
theresroth Premium
Exactly the thing that lets a business survive!
Thanks for sharing and highlighting that principle!