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November 30, 2016
Someone I know goes out of his way every week to take and an elderly friend out a few times. The first thing he does is take this elderly Army veteran to the grocery store, and then helps him carry his packages into his apartment.Second, usually on the second or third of the month he takes this veteran to the bank, for some cash, when his social security check is deposited.Third, he takes this Army Veteran out to run some errands. And, usually ending with stopping at a deli or other type of re
November 20, 2016
There are so many things that I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving.First of all, I am thankful for my son and his family, and for my daughter and her family.Second, I am thankful for each and every one of my grandchildren, and the wonderful relationship I have with each of them.Third, I am thankful for all my friends. These are the people I enjoy spending time with either in person, or on the phone, or on email. Some of you that I have gotten to know are certainly part of that group.Fourth, I
November 17, 2016
I'm a Veteran of the US Air Force. I served between 1968 and 1972. It was my honor and privilege to serve our country.About two years ago I heard about a program that Applebee's had, I'm not sure of the name they gave it but I will refer to it as "Buy Lunch for Veterans".In this promotion, Applebee's would buy lunch for whatever vets came to their restaurant for a meal. It could have been both lunch and dinner, I'm not really sure.What I do know for sure is that my Korean War buddy, who is n
Recently, I had stopped at convenience store to get a tank of gas and to pick up a gallon of milk. I noticed a fellow inside, who was carrying a large box, and as I approached the door, I realized that he was headed for the door. So, I opened the door and held it for him. I paused there, perhaps ten or fifteen seconds, waiting for a Thank YOU. However, it did not come. So, I said to him, Thank You. This finally caused him to reply " THANK YOU" to me.A few times this summer I was giving my g
You need money for your business. You have been to your bank. You filled out forms, completed the application, gave them the paperwork they wanted, and then you waited, and waited. Finally you were told "No, that you don't qualify." What do you do? You go to another bank, fill out forms and give them everything that you ask. Heck, you'd give them a pint of blood if they told you it would help you get the approval. Finally, they tell you "NO". Perhaps it was because you were not in busines
September 27, 2016
Why do people put curse words in their articles? Are they trying to draw attention to themselves, or to their article?I was reading a new article this morning and the author used several curse words as if he were chatting with one of pals in a locker room.I personally do not use this type of language and I do NOT enjoy it in conversations or in books or articles that I am reading.Profanity is useless. Other words can be used to make the same point without offending anyone. It certainly does
Some people, generally young people, have NO credit and have no idea how to get a car loan when they need a car.The solution to the problem is to plan ahead. Save your money, put it in a bank account. Plan on buying a car for about $5,000. if you have saved $2500. Plan on buying a car for no more than $10,000. when you have saved $5000. Of course, you must have a job, and you must have pay stubs for the job. The lender will likely want the pay stubs as proof that you are working. They may
September 19, 2016
In all my years in banking I never saw a credit score higher than 812. What does a person who has an 812 credit score do that most people do not do? They pay off their credit cards every month. In other words, they pay every penny of their debt every month.These folks use their credit, but they pay it off early. They pay it in full every single month. They pay their car loan on time or early.This was always amazing to me to see a person with a FICO score of 800, because most people, who ha