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Last Update: March 19, 2018

Like everyone else, I read in this thread on a fairly regular basis about people leaving comments that can't live up to their standards — and that certainly happens. However, I would like to thank every single one of you who comment on one of my post!

I am generally amazed that you could even make good sense out what I write, much less figure out how to say something about it?

Because I need your comments on my post, I read what you write and do my best to write something at least semi-intelligent on your articles. And what an education one can get by reading post after post having to do with every conceivable niche?

At best, I'm not that great at speaking back to your post. At worst, I'm smoking my brain trying to think of something I could say to further the conversation. So, please forgive me if it's not what you were expecting.

To tell you the truth, even though it takes time, I enjoy reading your post, learning about an assortment of niches, noticing your website, and leaving a comment.

And for all of you people not joining in the fun at SiteContent — well — you are really missing it. I don't think it will help you people laboring hour after hour on the chat board for the sole purpose of reducing your rank, but when it comes to community — SiteContent is where it's happening.

When I start posting comments on your sites, it's a rather selfish endeavor on my part. After all, why would I be reading post about everything under the sun if it weren't for my own gain of a comment back?

But then it hit me: You guys are really helping me when you leave a comment on my site! So, maybe I am really helping you when I add a comment you your website?

So in the end, I start seeing Site Comments not so much as more drudgery — but more as community helping each other succeed online.

Thanks for helping me out with your comments, and thanks for allowing me to take part in your own success.

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Pearbed1 Premium
Thank you so much Mike for all your help. I'd love for us to stay in touch.
bryanb007 Premium
Thanks for the post. I don't feel so left out anymore. I too am not the greatest commentator and really have to work at leaving comments. That being said, I try to only leave comments if I have something to say that serves a purpose.

I tend to "Lurk" a lot, reading the blogs and learning . I throw in a like most times if I don't comment. Don't know how much likes help but there it is.

The only place where I try and leave a lot of comments is on SiteComment, although I must confess, I use the "Not Interested" button frequently when I find I cannot add value through my comment.

I try not to leave generic comments like "nice page, it really looks good and was very interesting". The writer had to comment on two sites to get my comment so if it does not add value I don't want to waste his or her time and effort.

Don't see your site below the list of blogs. I would have liked to visit it.

Wishing you the best
MikeMahaffey Premium
Thank you...that's about what I do. I read the post and see if there's anyway I can comment on it and add any value to the post. The thing about the comments is that people that have nothing to do with WA will read them and perhaps leave their own, if it sounds like a conversation happening in comments.

Comments add value to a post by adding content, keywords, internal or external links, and discussion that can be important to visitors.

some are more difficult to comment on than others, but as I change my attitude about commenting I get to like it.
MKearns Premium
It takes effort to get the full message often. But the results are worth it!
MikeMahaffey Premium
Hi Mike Yea, every thing seems to involve effort
Nick-at-WA Premium
I really had a good laugh when I read how you smoke your brain to think about absolutely described me in this post.
But what you said in the end, is what matters:

"So in the end, I start seeing Site Comments not so much as more drudgery — but more as community helping each other succeed online."

Thanks Mike

MikeMahaffey Premium
Thanks Nick. There's really a lot to do to get a website off the gound and in the search engine results, and posting comments has not been my favorite part, for sure. But even as the self serving person I tend to be, I am coming to enjoy the give and take here on Wealthy Affiliate. Even in Site Comments.
Nick-at-WA Premium
I realized the value of the give and take very late and only now appreciate it. But it still takes a lot of effort to give a decent comment on a niche you know nothing about. I try.

Thanks Mike :)
GlenPalo Premium
Great post, Mike! Sometimes I feel that my comments are not worthy. So I end up not commenting after reading an article or post.
MikeMahaffey Premium
I bet your comments are indeed worthy, but I do get it. Sometimes I have to read down through prior comments to think of something I can write, and especially with reviews I often click through to the product being reviewed to see what's up with it — and then give it my best shot.