Transferring in a website from another Host

Last Update: August 04, 2017

I think I just transferred a website in from another Host. I know I've bought domains from Go Daddy and had them pointed to WA. That was complicated but following directions provided it was doable.

Transferring this from another host was unbelievably difficult. I filled in the domain name and clicked the button at the "transfer domains" in Site Rubix > Then I find out I need a special tricky code from the host I'm transferring from. Like WA they are resellers for a company called Enom. So they send me info for a site I need to go to to request a code to release my domain to WA. I enter that in the space in Site Rubix.

Happy me, I think now I just wait a few days and my site will be live in Site Rubix.............

Not so quick ! The previous host forwards me an email from Enom. There is a link I need to click for the transfer to go through. Only the email they sent me has no such link. I contact their tech dept at least 6 times and they just send the same useless email that really doesn't make any sense. Finally they tell me I need to call Enom, well enom was sort of helpful but said I needed to deal with old host. Of course they sent me the same useless email.

Finally I found and clicked the resend email in Site Rubix again. I hadn't recieved the email the 1st 3 times I clicked it, so I didn't have much hope. This time I got 2 copies of the email and............. It was the same one the first host had been sending me but it had the links. With renewed hope I clicked the link,,,,,,,,,,,, got an error message... GRRRR

Not being one to give up I emailed 2 times.

Too impatient to wait I went back to Site Rubix, resent the email again finally I went to the approve terms and conditions page did so and approved the transfer.

I think this was the brass ring and now I just wait patiently for my domain to show up in Site Rubix. I really hope all steps in transfer now complete. Not positive, but I will let you know if more steps are added.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are on this mission and need help. I was only transferring the domain name and let the content go. Hope I never have to try that too.

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gregarn1 Premium
Wow, quite the trial...let us know how it works out for sure...
MKearns Premium
There is often a problem with the current host transfer code!
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
I haven't transferred Domains as yet, but have been thinking about it. I don't know that I have patience to make the move.
Well done to you Mike. I hope you are able to see your domain in Site Rubix very soon.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I have transferred remains to go Daddy from GoDaddy to wa from wa from namecheap to and from HostGator and Bluehost and host gesture. I have never had those complexities. I guess I've just been lucky.

I don't know how I managed to have 10 domains expire in the same month. There must have been something special about August.
MikeLong Premium
You were coming in from where you bought the domains to Wa ? A bit complex but step by step doable.
This quagmire was a domain name I'd already transferred from GoDaddy to another host and I think it was the other host trying to be helpful who really made it confusing. But in the end it all worked out.
I may have made the issue worse too, as although I was willing to wait patiently for behind the scenes stuff to happen, I wanted everything I needed to do to be understood and done soonest.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Realizing I needed better management software I transferred many domains away from wealthy affiliate a couple of years ago. These were WordPress websites on these domains. In my case yesterday I had 96 plugins that needed to be updated. I was able to fix those on one click. That's the kind of power that I needed. Not only that but 40% of our web sites are not WordPress. I need to be able to manage them all from the same interface. This is far beyond the capabilities of wealthy affiliate. If you are a little one-man operation wealthy affiliate is very good for you. I just needed more power as I continue to get bigger and bigger.
mwjr68 Premium
Mike this is very good information,thanks for sharing my friend,God Bless:))))