New Addition to the Family & Another Lesson.

Last Update: September 01, 2020

I've just spent the past 2 weeks spending most of my waking hours (which has been most of the day's hours) with our 2 week old baby girl, Lyla.

It's been incredible because if I hadn't started this online business I would actually be back in Qatar now starting work for the new school year. And my lovely wife and baby back would have still been here in the UK.

That would have been REALLY hard!

Family is hugely important for me and it's a massive reason why I want to make more time in our lives.

An online business can do that, but it's not always a smooth ride... and I can already see the similarities to having a baby!

Baby & business similarities

Here are just a few of the comparisons I've seen already in these 2 weeks...

  • Both take a lot of time to nurture
  • There are tons of ups and downs
  • You feel like you figure something out one day only to find a new challenge the next
  • It can seem like you're not getting anywhere for a while and suddenly it's fixed/ it magically improves for no apparent reason
  • Both can give you a lot of joy and satisfaction & make an impact to others lives

Most people are aware about these challenges of a baby or a business.

Yet here is the big difference...

You cannot just give up with your baby

You've probably heard the saying that "a dog isn't just for Christmas". So you can probably guess that a baby certainly isn't either!

And I'm yet to meet anyone who has had a baby and said that every waking moment has been a joyful breeze.

However, I'm also yet to meet anyone who has a baby, finds it challenging and gives up on it.

Most people know that having a baby is a lifelong commitment.

But many people start an online business (or any business) with the mindset that "I'll give this a go for a while".

Once it really gets tough it's all too easy to go back to the "norm". I know this because I've tried numerous side hustles over the years and it's always easier to just stop doing it than work through the challenges.

For some reason, when we have a baby we 100% commit to it for the rest of our child's life.

Just imagine what you could do with a business if you approached it with that attitude.

Does it mean you need to carry on with an idea that doesn't excite you?


Does it mean you have to do exactly the same thing forever.


Businesses adapt just as much as a baby does.

All we have to do is commit to it.

Keep changing for the better,

Mike "commit to making it work" Beatty

Why did you start an online business? What are you hoping to achieve from being a member here at WA?

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Jude81 Premium
Congratulations on the arrival of beautiful baby girl Lyla.
I love the way you compare having a baby with having a business, and you got some real eye-openers there.

I have started with WA in December 2019 and made my first sale last month. I learned so much since I began to but yet so much to learn. I am very committed to make this work, but I realise it might take some a couple of years before I may be able to arrive at my destination.

Challenges enough for sure, It seems I have last my traffic (not that I had much, but what I had is gone)since Google changed their algorithm.

We will keep plugging along though, and as you word it, be as committed as we are to take care of our babies'.

Thank you for sharing your perspective.
mikebeatty Premium
That’s great Jude. Don’t take those wins lightly they are so important on your journey to where you want to go.

What niche is your site?
Jude81 Premium
Thanks for your reply Mike,

I am in the baby niche. I had some stable high ranking articles on Google, but I think my site may be penalised for some reason.

Most of my posts dropped significantly in the ranking.
I suppose we just focus on writing and hopefully, it will recover with time.

Enjoy your baby girl as much as you can, the growso very very quickly.

Stay safe and have a great day.
mikebeatty Premium
Nice handy for me right now! What’s your site?

When did you notice a drop in rankings?
Jude81 Premium
From 27th of August till 2 sept I lost 50percent of my traffic. Now it is down to 0 pretty much.
Most posts who have been ranking first pages have lost position :(.
It may be panalised, I did add a few affiliate links while running a Facebook add maybe google didn't like that?
Jude81 Premium
I'll pm you my site..
Lisa196 Premium
I want to accomplish something, to be good at something.

I want to succeed and really help people, to be able to offer what I have to offer.

And I'm looking ahead to retirement after being self-employed for 30 years with no retirement plan.

Congrats on your adorable baby! Babies are the best.
mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Lisa. Do you have any plans to retire soon?
MikaelM Premium

I am in a bit of a similar situation. In May I also got a daughter - truly amazing, right:-)

And I am so grateful for having an online business that makes it possible for me to plan my own time and not have to be away from her and my wife all day.
mikebeatty Premium
Exactly that Mikael, it's hard to put a price on that freedom and control that comes with it
MikaelM Premium
Willow29 Premium
Congratulations on your beautiful & healthy baby girl!

Great analogy as well. As a parent, you want to raise your child to be the best that they can be. As a business owner, you'll want you're business to be the best that it can be as well.

Both take time, but the results can be amazing!
mikebeatty Premium
Spot on Cynthia, I couldn't agree more!
Kyle Premium Plus
Beautiful little girl Mike, you guys know how to make them! And you are absolutely right with this analogy, if people treated their business they did their own child they would be incredibly successful online.

I think you are going to find a lot of parallels between being a great parent and a successful business owner. There may even be a diaper analogy that makes sense along the way lol.

Congrats to you and you wife on your precious baby girl. Having two girls, I can tell you first hand how awesome it is to be a #girldad. ;)
mikebeatty Premium
Haha thanks Kyle... I just cleaned a poonami so I can certainly see the similarity to my business at numerous points with that one!

I was secretly delighted it was a girl ;)