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Is there a custom login plugin that works with siterubix?

Is there a custom login plugin that works with siterubix?

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Everything Wordpress

Is there a custom login plugin that works with siterubix platform?
I'm looking for some customization on the login form, but something is blocking all the plugins I've tried

answer from site support:

Please note that WA does not allow setting up custom WP-admin area login.


Looks like this may have been resolved with site support. Correct? .

I've never had an issue with. Plugins, and I usually try out the new ones on my siterubix domain. Not sure what's happening with yours. Are you able to contact site support. Jim

This has happened to me over the weekend, I reached out to site support


They worked with us customized URLs.

The best thing to do is go to your website in site manager>plugins>add new> type custom login into the plugin in search bar than opens on the right hand side of the page. There are several plugins that come up. They should work for the siterubix website because it is a word press site even though its 3rd party.

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How do you restore an old version of a site?

How do you restore an old version of a site?

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Website Development & Programming

how do you restore an old version of a site?
somewhere there are daily backups....

Abie has given the link to answer your question. When you have questions, go to the magnifying glass at the top of the page. When you click on it a query bar opens. Type in keywords related to your question and you will see answers, trainings and post that will help.

You may reach out to site support



You're very welcome!

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Best time spent on wa or website content?

Best time spent on wa or website content?

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Getting Started

What is the best ratio of time spent in WA to time spent on building website content?

When starting out I would focus my time solely on my business. But to build my business it would be necessary for me to ask questions in WA, search for tips on WA to expand my understanding and to watch webinars Jay has and is presenting So by doing these things t would indirectly be spending time with a self-focused objective.

Once I have some successes I would become more involved in helping others and sharing tips.

With all of the things WA has to offer it can be very easy to spend more time than was intended in place of doing the necessary for my own business.

If you are concerned about your WA ranking, don't be. That can change quickly once your business is succeeding. .


You are very welcome.

We wish you well on your journey here.

If starting out, I would spend my time focused on my websites Once done enough, I would then take part in the community.

I assume this is what you are asking?


You're very welcome.

We are so happy to have you with us, and we know you are going to enjoy and benefit greatly from the Wealthy Affiliate training here.

Wishing you success on your online journey and business endeavors.

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